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When do applications open

Applications for summer 2024 are open NOW! All applications must be completed on our online platform, which you can find here: Summer Job Application Form

Where can I work?

Our campuses are based in the campuses of the University of St Andrews (in Scotland), the University of Cambridge (in England), and Yale University (in the USA).

Can I apply if I don’t live in the UK or USA?

For our UK campuses, we can unfortunately only accept applications from those who already have the right to live or work in the UK. This is outwith our control and is due to regulations set out by the UK government.

For our campus in the USA we can apply for a limited number of temporary visas. These are usually allocated to our returning staff members, but we may be able to accommodate new team members who apply early enough for the visa process to be started.

When will I hear if my application is successful?

We receive a huge number of applications every year, and unfortunately cannot reply to everyone personally. Applications are reviewed as they are received, and we aim to invite any suitable candidates for interview within two weeks of applying, but it could be up to one month before you hear from us during particularly busy periods. Either way, you will always hear from us regardless, even if you have not been selected for an interview.

Will I have to come to Glasgow for an interview?

No. The first interview is conducted by phone and is simply an informal chat for us to find out more about you and tell you more about working for us. Equally it’s an opportunity for you to ask us any questions too.

If we take you past the initial telephone interview, we will then invite you to attend an interview in either Glasgow, Edinburgh, or via Zoom.

Do I need to be available for the whole summer?

You must be available to work for the full duration of the dates at the campus you are applying for a role in. For St Andrews this means nearly 8 full weeks, while at Cambridge and Yale we will only need you for around 4 weeks.

If there is a specific event that you need a day off for please let us know during your interview and we will try our best to accommodate any requests.

Our staff teams are in place for around 4 days prior to our students arriving so that we can take you through our full staff training programme.

You can find our UK staff session dates HERE

What are the different jobs I could be doing?

Roles at our campuses are varied!

We have teaching positions in a variety of subjects from English Language and Debate, to Film and Art. We also have counselor positions, social media and photography roles, and campus management positions. You can see a full list of our available positions HERE.

Regardless of the role you want to apply for, all of our positions are fully residential and you will be involved in all aspects of campus life, including evening activities, cultural trips and clan events. You can read what our team have to say about working at ISSOS on our STAFF TESTIMONIALS page.

Will I get training before the programme starts?

Yes! All of our teams will be on site for 3 full days of staff training before our students arrive. You will learn about our procedures, our culture and be able to ask any questions about daily life at ISSOS. It’s also a great team building opportunity and a chance to bond with your new colleagues before the students arrive.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid at the close of the session you are working at. For teams in St Andrews, who work 2 consecutive sessions, you will be paid in two installments. Half at the end of session 1 and half at the end of session 2.

What is the salary?

Individual salaries depend on the position that you are applying for, but all are above national minimum wage and we offer free accommodation and meals throughout the summer school programme.

Do you pay for travel expenses to the campus that I’ll be working at?

This depends on the campus you are applying to, where you are based and whether you are a new member of staff or a returner.

For new staff we will always pay a percentage of any travel costs you incur in getting to our campuses.

For returning staff depending on the campus this may be a higher percentage, and in some cases full amount, of the cost.

Where will I be staying?

All of our teams at Cambridge and Yale stay in the halls of residence. Our counselor teams will be in an area of the accommodation along with their own group of students, whereas teaching and campus management staff will be in separate areas. Everyone has access to the university dining halls and that is where your meals will be provided.

In St Andrews, only our counselors will be housed in the university halls. Teachers and campus management teams will be in shared flats or houses around St Andrews. All are within walking distance of the campus and everyone still has access to the dining hall for meals.

How will the day be structured and how much time off will I get?

This depends on the role you have applied for. Teachers will be in class for 3 hours each day (either morning or afternoon) and will have to do any lesson prep or marking outside of these hours. Campus management teams, counselors and media managers will work daily, with regular rest breaks and will get one full 24hr period off per week.

You can see what a typical day looks like for our various positions HERE

Regardless of your role, all staff will be on duty several times throughout the session (on a rota basis) for airport/arrival and departure duty, for our evening programmes, cultural trips and Clan events. These are all great fun and we find that lots of our staff attend the evening events whether they are on duty or not!

What is a Clan and how will I be involved?

Clans are a very popular part of the ISSOS experience. We have 4 student clans, MacGregor, Wallace, Stewart and MacDonald, and our counselors will also be allocated to one of these clans. Students will join their clan at the Clan Calling event in the first few days, during which our staff members are involved in handing out t-shirts, putting on face paint and teaching clan chants!

Over the course of the programme, the clans compete against each other in a series of friendly competitions and fun team games. The events are judged by our impartial staff clan, the Munros, which our teachers and campus management teams will be in. The aim is to win as many points as possible in the hope of winning the clan Cup or Spirit Shield.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

If you are a counselor or one of our campus management staff you must wear a uniform at all times while you are on duty. We will provide a variety of ISSOS branded/Clan tops and t-shirts, and we ask that these are worn with beige or navy trousers/skirts or shorts. We will also provide you with an ISSOS lanyard to wear at all times

Teaching staff are not expected to wear a uniform during class (but must still wear their ISSOS lanyard).

On opening and closing day all staff must wear their uniforms.

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