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Why our Rooming Policy works

Creating an international community

One of the most important, and loved, aspects of ISSOS is the international community that is created when our students come together every summer. Our Rooming Policy, along with our 10% nationality limit, is a key part of creating that community, the ISSOS Family. 

The majority of students coming to ISSOS travel alone and arrive knowing no one and we take the role of integrating and welcoming every student very seriously. The Rooming Policy was created to make sure that every student feels included, can make genuine friendships and gets a truly international experience at ISSOS. There are now hundreds of long-lasting friendships around the world that prove the success of this policy.

We know it can be daunting for your son or daughter to think about sharing a room with someone they don't know yet, but all of our students are in the same position and we ask that you trust in our experience and support us in creating our international community.

Accommodation at ISSOS

All of our students are housed in the University halls of residence, in an area exclusive to ISSOS, where the student groups are divided by sex and also by age range. Each student will be allocated a shared or single room. The majority of rooms in our accommodation are shared, but any students who require a single, or shared, room for medical reasons will be given priority when we allocate rooms.

All students in shared rooms will be sharing with someone of the same age and sex. Their roommate will be of a different nationality to them and they will not be sharing with someone they already know.

We try to make sure that if a student is coming to ISSOS to improve their English that they are not in a room with someone who speaks their own language, which encourages them to speak English at all times and gives an even greater immersion experience.

You can find the answers to any questions you might have about our accommodation on our FAQs page

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