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Do Students need to be fluent in English to take these classes?

All of our classes are taught in English, so we do need you to be able to understand, and be understood. But you do not need to be fluent in English. We have outlined the language levels that we recommend for each class here (at ISSOS, we use the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)):

English Language: Suitable for ages 13 - 18 with language proficiency level of A1 - B1/2. Students at B2 should consider other academics (for instance Debate or Study Skills) and those at C1/2 level will be too advanced for this class.

Debate: Suitable for ages 13 - 18 with English level B2 and above

Study Skills: Suitable for ages 15 - 18 with English level B2 and above

Business & Entrepreneurship: Suitable for ages 13 - 18 with English level B1 and above

Creative Writing: Suitable for ages 14 - 18 with English level B2 and above

Youth Leadership: Suitable for ages 13 - 18 with English level B1 and above

IB Extended Essay: Students taking this class must be writing their Essay in English, and must arrive with an Essay topic already approved by their school

Journalism: Suitable for ages 13 - 18 with English level B2 and above

The levels are explained as follows:

A1: Beginner: Can understand and use very basic expressions, introduce themselves and can interact simply as long as the conversation is slow and clear

A2: Elementary: Can understand frequently used expressions in common topics (ie family, shopping etc) and can communicate routine in simple terms

B1: Intermediate: Can write simple texts on topics of personal interest, and can understand conversations about family, work, school, and describe experiences, events, ambitions, opinions, and deal with most travel situations

B2: Upper Intermediate: Can both understand and write more complex text, and can spontaneously interact with other without too much strain for either them or the person they are speaking to

C1: Advanced: Can write and understand much longer texts, and can understand and be understood in nearly all social, academic and professional settings at more advanced levels of conversation

C2: Proficiency: Can understand almost everything written or heard with ease, and can express themselves using precise terms in complex scenarios

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from every nationality around the world. We accept over 150 students to each campus but numbers are limited to 10% from any one nationality so that the ISSOS experience remains truly international and students can make friends from all over the world.

Our campuses at St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale are for students aged 13 - 18 years old. 

How long until I hear if my son/daughter has been accepted?

Our business hours are Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm. We aim to respond to all applications submitted during this time within 24 hours.

Applications and enquiries submitted outside of our business hours will be responded to as soon as possible on our return.

Do you have academic acceptance criteria?

No. We don’t ask to see students’ grades on application because we believe in education in the broadest sense, educating and enriching hearts AND minds. So everyone can have the chance to experience our programme irrespective of their academic grades.

What is the teacher reference used for?

This is used to gather additional information on a student, and for those who have English as a second language it means we can establish if they have chosen classes that will give them the best possible experience at ISSOS.

The academic/elective that I want is not showing on the application form?

First check that the class is definitely offered at the campus you are applying for. If it is, but it’s still not showing on the application form it may be because that class is already full. We recommend picking your second choice and letting us know on the application form that you would like to move to the other class if a space becomes available.

Are you affiliated with the universities you operate from?

No. We run our programmes from the university campuses but we are an independent company. We employ our own staff and design our own bespoke, award-winning summer programmes.

Do students need to speak English all the time?

Yes, ISSOS is a fully immersive programme and English is spoken at all times. Our students come from all over the world and speak lots of different native languages, so using English is the only way to be inclusive to everyone. Speaking English all the time is also the quickest way to improve if it is your second language.

Is ISSOS fun for students who attend?

Yes! Not only are our classes fun and engaging, but outside of class time students will join a Clan, take part in a varied and exciting evening programme of events, go on day trips to nearby cities and generally have the summer experience of a lifetime with their new friends.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Unfortunately we cannot offer financial aid or scholarships. We suggest speaking to your child’s school, or local government body to see if any help is available in your home country.

Will I get my £500/$500 registration fee back if I change my mind?

If you change your mind within 14 days of us accepting your application we will refund the registration fee. Please take note: Once a place has been offered and 14 days have passed, the registration fee is not refundable for any reason

When do I pay the remaining balance/tuition fee?

The full balance is due 21 days after you receive an acceptance email from us.

What does the cost include?

ISSOS is an all-inclusive programme. Your programme fees cover transport to and from the designated airport and our campus, accommodation, all meals, insurance*, wifi in bedrooms, all meals, 45 hours of academic tuition, 36 hours of elective tuition, course materials, all day trips and excursions, evening activities, Sunday workshops, Insurance, ISSOS clothing and merchandise, cultural events and the ISSOS Highland Games.

*(for full details on what is covered please see our Visas and Insurance page.

Will we need to apply for a visa?

Entry requirements for the UK and USA will differ. Please check the visas and insurance page of our website for information about how to find out if you need a visa and how to apply. For students who do need a visa, we can provide the support documents that you might need.

How are students supervised?

We have a team of Counselors who are dedicated to supervising and looking after our students. When students arrive at ISSOS they are placed in groups with others of the same age and gender and each group is assigned their own Counselor. All of our Counselors live in the same area of accommodation as their students, and are there to wake them up, walk them to their classes, hang out with students after evening activities and generally offer support and make sure their students are happy throughout the programme.

What about safety around the campuses?

The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority and throughout the three-week programme they are well supervised at all times.  When students arrive they are introduced to their counselor who is there to look after their welfare. Counselors wake students up, go with them to breakfast and walk them to classes. In the evenings students take part in our Evening Activities Programme and have a curfew of 10pm when they must be back in the accommodation to meet with their counselor.  All students must be in their rooms by 10.30pm and it's 'lights out' at 11pm.

All 3 of our campuses, at St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale, are well known as  safe university towns and campuses, offering a secure environment for students to enjoy their summer and explore their independence. There are staff available 24 hours a day and when students have free time between 4-6pm, they are able to explore the campuses under the supervision of staff. 

Will students get free time?

The ISSOS schedule is very busy and there are always lots of things going on, but students will get some free time every day. After evening programs, and for shorter times throughout the day there are lots of chances for students to relax, go to the shops for snacks, or hang out with friends.

Do students need insurance?

A: For students attending St Andrews and Cambridge: ISSOS provides basic travel and medical insurance. This covers their time at ISSOS but will not cover any travel before or after the program. You will receive a copy of the insurance documentation when you have completed the application process and paid in full. For more information on the policy we provide please visit our visas and insurance page.

A: For students attending Yale: ISSOS provides medical insurance only, and we strongly recommend that all parents purchase travel insurance in addition to this. Our medical policy covers their time at Yale but will not cover any travel before or after the program. You will receive a copy of the insurance documentation when you have completed the application process and paid in full. For more information on the policy we provide please visit our visas and insurance page.

Are there rules, and what if a student breaks them?

Our rules and regulations are included in our terms and conditions and by submitting an application all students agree to follow them. The consequences of breaking the rules will depend on the individual circumstances. However, it should be noted that ISSOS has a zero-tolerance bullying policy and prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs/legal highs and we reserve the right to dismiss a student at any time, without refund of program fees.

Who will meet my son/daughter at the airport?

ISSOS staff, wearing our uniform and carrying an ISSOS sign, will be at the specified airport to meet students on opening day and will take students to the campus by bus. Our counselors will meet the students when they arrive at the campus and will help them to unpack and settle in. Please note students must arrive at our designated airport and between the specified times on opening day in order to be met at the airport. You can find more detailed information about arrivals and departures here

What if we cannot find a flight to the right airport, or at the right time?

If you are having problems finding a flight to suit please call our office for assistance. We can arrange for a private pick up for any students who arrive at a different airport, or out with bus departure times, but this will be at an additional cost.

What should students pack?

When your application has been accepted we will send out our information pack which will give you information about what to pack as well as our contact details, travel tips, laundry, clothing, trips and general information. You can also download a copy of our parent information pack here.

We encourage all students to travel with just one suitcase (golfers can bring golf clubs as an additional item) and to pack lightly to avoid excess baggage charges.

Will students be in a shared bedroom?

The majority of our rooms are shared by two students, who will be the same age and gender as each other. We do have some single rooms but we cannot guarantee these to a particular student. If you are sharing, you will be with someone of a different nationality and you will not be able to share with someone you knew before arriving at ISSOS.

My son/daughter would like to share a room with their friend, is this OK?

We do not allow friends or students who already know each other to share rooms. We have a very successful rooming policy that is designed to help students build new friendships with students from all over the world. Most students who come to  ISSOS arrive alone and do not know anyone else, so with this in mind we encourage our students to mix with each other and make the most of this truly international experience. For more information please read more about our rooming policy

Do students have access to a laundry service?

Yes. All of our residences have laundry facilities and our staff will tell students how and when to use them. All students are given a laundry bag when they arrive.

Can you cater for different dietary requirements?

Yes. After your application has been accepted you will be asked to complete our Student Information Form. This must be filled in and this is where you can let us know of any special dietary requirements/allergies that we need to be aware of for your son or daughter.

I changed my mind about the classes I applied for, can they be changed?

If we have availability in a different class before the summer school starts, we will do our best to change you to a different class.  Once the summer school has started, it is not possible to change classes.

What if a student doesn’t like their class when they start?

If a student does not like their class they should let their Counselor know and they will speak to the Head Counselors. They cannot guarantee that students will be able to move classes but they will try to see if a switch can be made.

Will my son/daughter receive a certificate for completing ISSOS?

Yes. All ISSOS students will get a Certificate of Completion as well as a full Academic Report, written by their teacher. These are uploaded to the parents portal after the session has come to a close.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

We take pride in finding highly qualified and motivated staff for our campuses, all of whom must be cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau.

The teachers we hire are not only highly qualified in their respective subjects, but are successful, working professionals in their fields. All of our teachers are passionate about their subjects and are dedicated to making learning fun and bringing out the best in every student.

Our counselors and campus management teams are all highly experienced and have a passion for working with young people. Many of them are also teachers in their full time jobs but they are all motivated and dedicated to making sure that all of our students have a truly unforgettable summer.

Our Tennis and Golf coaches are professional sports coaches, fully accredited by the LTA and PGA respectively, and any outdoor activities are led by qualified instructors and are subject to detailed risk assessments.

How many students are in a class?

This will depend on the subject. For instance, a debate class may have up to 20 students per class, so that students can get the best experience and learn how to participate in lively group debates. Other subjects may be smaller with only around 8 - 15 students per class. All of our classes are run by highly qualified teachers who will make sure that every student gets the individual attention that they need.

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