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Visa Information

ISSOS are fully accredited through the British Accreditation Council(BAC), and we will provide letters of support along with any additional information needed for students who require a visa. It is your responsibility to apply for any appropriate travel documentation, such as visas, that your son or daughter might need, but we are happy to help answer questions that you might have during the visa application process. We ask all students to carry their Summer School acceptance letter and personal details for identification while travelling. In the event of any problem with customs or immigration please contact us on: +44 (0) 3300 777 247.

St Andrews and Cambridge

To check if you need a visa to attend ISSOS St Andrews or ISSOS Cambridge please check the requirements on the British Government's Visa Page and follow their instructions.


If your son or daughter is attending ISSOS at Yale they may be able to enter the USA on the Visa Waiver programme. Please check the requirements on the US Government's Visa Page and follow the instructions to see if they qualify for this. If you have any questions regarding visas please feel free to contact us at any time.



Please read the information below about the policies that are included in our programme fees. Please note that any insurance provided by ISSOS will only cover students for the duration of the summer school dates and will not include any further travel before or after attending ISSOS.

St Andrews and Cambridge

We provide medical insurance and travel insurance (which includes cancellation cover) for students attending our programs in the UK. You will receive a copy of the product information document when you have completed the application process and paid in full, but details about the key features of the policy can be found in the downloads section of this page.


For students attending ISSOS at Yale, we provide Medical Insurance as part of our programme fees, click here for a description of the coverage that we provide. You will be sent all of the policy documents when you have signed up and paid in full. Please note that this insurance is only for medical coverage - we recommend that all students purchase their own Travel Insurance. To purchase insurance for the USA that covers what you need please click here: USA Travel Insurance

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