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Evenings at ISSOS are spent taking part in our exciting and varied evening programme of events that are designed to help students relax, have fun and get to know more of their fellow students outside of their classes and groups.

Every evening during their time with us, students take part in an event from our full summer school evening programme. These are designed to offer something of interest to everyone and range from sporting activities to creative events, dances and many more.

All students at ISSOS will join a clan, and a lot of the evening programmes will see students competing in their clans in a variety of fun activities and team games to help them win points which go towards hopefully winning the Clan Cup. These clan events culminate at the ISSOS Highland Games where one clan is finally awarded the Cup. 

Evening Programmes

  • Group night
  • Guest Speakers Debate
  • Scottish Country Dancing
  • Home Work Night
  • Counselor Fashion Show
  • Variety Show
  • Choice Night

Clan Evening Programmes

  • Clan Calling
  • ISSOS International Ball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Mini Olympics
  • Urban Orienteering
  • Danish Longball

Final Week Evening Programmes

  • Creative Night
  • ISSOS Awards
  • Dragons' Den
  • Final Night Debate
  • Final Night Dance
Evening Programme
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