Who can apply?

Our programmes are for students aged 13 - 18 years old and we welcome applications from every nationality around the world. We accept over 150 students to each campus but numbers are limited to 10% from any one nationality so that the ISSOS experience remains truly international and students can make friends from all over the world.

The academic/elective that I want is not showing on the application form?

First check that the class is definitely offered at the campus you are applying for. If it is, but it’s still not showing on the application form it may be because that class is already full. We recommend picking your second choice and letting us know on the application form that you would like to move to the other class if a space becomes available.

Do I need to speak English all the time?

Yes, ISSOS is a fully immersive programme and English is spoken at all times. Our students come from all over the world and speak lots of different native languages, so using English is the only way to be inclusive to everyone. Speaking English all the time is also the quickest way to improve if it is your second language.

Who will be in my group?

When you arrive at ISSOS you will be shown to your room and will find out the name of your group. There will be around 8-14 students in your group of the same gender and age as you, and you will all be living in the same area of halls for the 3 weeks.  Your group will have its own group counselor who is there to make sure that you feel safe and happy during your time at ISSOS. Your group will be full of people from lots of different nationalities and ethnicities.

Will I get free time?

The ISSOS schedule is very busy and there are always lots of things going on, but you will get some free time every day. After evening programs, and for shorter times throughout the day there are lots of chances for students to relax, go to the shops for snacks, or hang out with friends.

What are Clans?

We have 4 student clans: MacGregor, Wallace, Stewart and MacDonald. When you arrive at ISSOS you will be allocated to a clan that you will remain a member of every summer you return; if you have had brothers or sisters attend before you, you will always be put in the same clan as your family members were.

The Clans compete against each other in a series of friendly competitions and fun team games, judged by our impartial staff clan, the Munros, to win points that go towards hopefully winning the Clan Cup or Spirit Shield. The clans are also a great way for students to get to know others on campus outside of their class or counselor groups.

Is ISSOS fun?

Yes! Not only are our classes fun and engaging, but outside of class time students will join a Clan (HL to relevant page), take part in a varied and exciting evening programme of events, go on day trips to nearby cities and generally have the summer experience of a lifetime with their new friends.

Are there rules?

Our rules and regulations are included in our terms and conditions and by submitting an application all students agree to follow them. The consequences of breaking the rules will depend on the individual circumstances. However, ISSOS has a zero-tolerance bullying policy and prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs/legal highs. We reserve the right to dismiss a student at any time, without refund of program fees.

Who will meet me at the airport?

ISSOS staff, wearing our uniform and carrying an ISSOS sign, will be at the specified airport to meet students on opening day and will take students to the campus by bus. Our counselors will meet the students when they arrive at the campus and will help them to unpack and settle in. Please note students must arrive at our designated airport and between the specified times on opening day in order to be met at the airport. Please see full information on arrival and departure here: (HL to page)

What should I pack?

When your application has been accepted we will send out our information pack which will give you information about what to pack as well as our contact details, travel tips, laundry, clothing, trips and general information. You can also find our Packing List here.

We encourage all students to travel with just one suitcase (golfers can bring golf clubs as an additional item) and to pack lightly to avoid excess baggage charges.

Will I be in a shared bedroom?

The majority of our rooms are shared by two students, who will be the same age and gender as each other. We do have some single rooms but we cannot guarantee these to a particular student. If you are sharing, you will be with someone of a different nationality and you will not be sharing with anyone you knew before arriving at ISSOS. The majority of our students arrive alone, so everyone is in the same position and you will be amazed at how quickly you make new friends at ISSOS.

Can you cater for different dietary requirements?

Yes. After your application has been accepted we will send you a Student Information Form that must be completed. This is where you can let know of any special dietary requirements/allergies that we need to be aware of.

I changed my mind about the classes I applied for, can they be changed?

If we have availability in a different class before the summer school starts, we will do our best to change you to a different class.  Once the summer school has started, it is not possible to change classes.

What if I don’t like my class when it starts?

If you do not like your class you should let your Counselor know and they will speak to the Head Counselors. They cannot guarantee that you will be able to move classes but they will try to see if a switch can be made.

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