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The ISSOS Times is a magazine that helps you to reminisce about your unforgettable ISSOS summer or discover firsthand what an ISSOS program is really like. This is now available for you to download.

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At the end of every summer we produce The ISSOS Times to allow students and staff to relive their ISSOS Summer experience. Tailored for every session and campus of ISSOS 2023, each edition captures the elements that define every ISSOS session—from academics and electives to cultural excursions and of course the Clan events.  

This summer was another great success with students from over 80 nationalities coming together in St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale. 

Explore a range of articles across the four ISSOS Times editions, including features like a returning student/staff member profile, highlights from the variety show, Clan news and their victories, the final night debate, a glimpse into the captivating theatre performance, and details about our 2024 programs at St Andrews, Cambridge, and Yale campuses.

St Andrews (Session 1)

St Andrews (Session 2) 



To all of our 2023 students - thank you for being part of the ISSOS family and for making this summer one we will never forget. 

Who is ready to do it all again in summer 2024? 

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