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ISSOS Times 2022

The ISSOS Times - the magazine to help you relive your ISSOS summer or let you see what an ISSOS summer program is really like is available to download now.

ISSOS Times 2022

The ISSOS Times is a magazine produced at the end of every summer to allow students and staff to relive their ISSOS Summer experience. There is an ISSOS Times for each session and campus of ISSOS 2022 where you can read about everything that makes each session at ISSOS so unique from academics and electives to cultural trips and of course the clan events. 

This summer was unique in many ways and never before have we been so grateful to run our in-person summer schools in St Andrews and Cambridge. We welcomed students from over 80 nationalities and watched while incredible friendships were formed. As always we had return students, brothers and sisters of past ISSOS students, and a lot of new ISSOS students who had waited since 2020 to join the ISSOS Family. The ISSOS times is full of smiling faces of both staff and students and recounts some of the main summer events that bring ISSOS to life and make it The Experience of a Lifetime. 

Some of the articles you can read in all 3 ISSOS Times: A profile on a returning student/staff member, the variety show, Clan news and the winning clans, the final night debate, the theatre performance and of course details of our 2023 programs in all 3 campuses: St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale. 

To relive your ISSOS summer or to learn about what a summer at ISSOS is really like, download a copy of the 2022 ISSOS Times below:

St Andrews (SESSION 1)

St Andrews (SESSION 2)



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