Summer Schools

St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale provide safe, stimulating and inspirational locations for ISSOS. We offer our students the opportunity to have a summer adventure of a lifetime where the focus is on personal safety and wellbeing, quality individual instruction and a unique international experience within an exceptional environment.

St Andrews

St Andrews is an idyllic historic location where our summer students are surrounded by beaches, the University and, of course, the world famous golf courses. Renowned worldwide for its picturesque scenery and ancient buildings, St Andrews remains at heart a small coastal town and is a fantastic setting for ISSOS.

St Andrews Summer School


Cambridge is a beautiful University town that's dominated by the amazing buildings of one of the UK's best and oldest universities. ISSOS, Cambridge is based in Queens' college which is perfectly situated to give students access to the town and allows them exposure to the University and all it has to offer. Queens' college provides a safe and charming setting for ISSOS and is set on the banks of the River Cam.

Cambridge Summer School


Yale is one of the USA's top Ivy League Universities. Founded in 1701 and famed for its gothic style campus, Yale has been deemed to be the most beautiful University campus in the US. Yale's campus provides students with the opportunity to explore the many University buildings, shop in the small university town that plays host to some well known brands as well as other boutique shops, and enjoy the variety of cafes and restaurants.

Yale Summer School