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Summer School 2023 Availability Update

Places for 2023 are filling fast and some classes are now full for certain nationalities, read on for the classes that have limited availability and to learn more about our 10% rule.

Availability Update 2023 (Big)

It may seem early to be giving an availability update for summer 2023 but our places for next summer are filling fast and there are already academic and elective subjects that are nearly full for certain nationalities. 


Availability Update for Summer 2023 

Across all 3 campuses we now have limited availability as follows:

CambridgeBusiness & Entrepreneurship and Outdoor Leadership is full for certain nationalities.

Yale: Outdoor leadership is 50% full, but still open to all nationalities.

St Andrews: Youth Leadership is full for certain nationalities. 


ISSOS Summer Schools limits students to 10% of one Nationality 

One of the many things that makes ISSOS so special is the mix of nationalities and the fact that we limit the number of students coming from one nationality to 10%. We often get asked is it10% of the entire student body or does this relate to academic and elective classes also.  Our 10% relates to classes as well as the student community on campus, this allows us to welcome students from over 80 different nationalities and it means all classes have a good mix of nationalities too. 

The ISSOS community is at the heart of what makes ISSOS The Experience of a Lifetime and we are dedicated to making sure all students have the best possible experience while at ISSOS. Our 10% nationality mix in classes and on campus is a key factor in delivering this unique experience. 

“This summer programme has impacted me more than any camp I have tried in the past. Before this month I barely had any friends outside of even Los Angeles, let alone friends from Lebanon, Amsterdam, Italy, Spain and more! Never have I felt so quickly welcomed by a group of people and felt so deeply connected to strangers after so little time” - Kate, ISSOS Student 2022

For information on all 3 summer school campuses 


Join the ISSOS Family 

As always we have a lot of returning students and we are excited to welcome new students to come and enjoy everything that ISSOS has to offer, we ask that if you are interested in joining us in summer 2023 at any of our campuses that you apply now or contact us ASAP with any questions. 


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