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The IB at 50

This week sees ISSOS featured in The PIE magazine, talking about the International Baccalaureate and how our summer school helps teens prepare for the demands of the diploma.

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It is no secret that the IB is a demanding curriculum and one that many students find stressful and difficult.  At the same time, the challenging nature of the diploma means it is recognised and respected world-wide and many schools have adopted this curriculum, particularly international schools. 

The demands and workload of the Diploma bring with it stress and anxiety. It is for this reason, that ISSOS designed a Pre IB class as well as an Extended Essay option, for teens who are either due to start the Diploma or are expected to start their Essay during the summer months. 

The recent article in The Pie magazine, addresses the concerns of parents and students, that we as a summer school, hear year after year. Young people are nervous about what lies ahead, anxious with regards to the volume of work that is involved and sressed that they will struggle to keep up. When students arrive ISSOS, our teachers first and foremost ask them to take a step back and try to relax. They go over useful techniques of how to approach the IB and in particular cover:

Time management and organisation
Essay writing for IB
Presentation skills
Research skills
Goal setting 
Planning and orginisation

ISSOS have carefully developed a 3 week program to best meet the needs of our students and believe that they return to high school feeling prepared and more confident in their abilities. 

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