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What makes ISSOS at Yale Safe

ISSOS Yale Safety

Is Yale a safe place to spend summer?

We are often asked by parents if Yale is a safe place for students to spend their summer. Safety is one of our biggest considerations when choosing a university to operate a summer programme; we spend a lot of time selecting the best campus for both our students and our staff. When selecting Yale we spent weeks on the University campus, getting to know it and what it was like at all different times of day; with safety as one of our biggest values, we wanted to make sure that we felt Yale, like our other campuses was safe for students and staff and our conclusion is that Yale is a safe, beautiful and really great place to spend 3 weeks in summer. After all the ISSOS mission statement is clear: "To create a safe place for people to learn and grow" and we 100% believe that all our campuses offer the opportunity to both our staff and students. 

As a parent, ensuring the safety and security of your son or daughter is a top priority. Rest assured, ISSOS at Yale takes this responsibility seriously, providing a safe and enriching environment for students aged 13-18. We have designed all aspects of our programmes with both physical and emotional safety in mind. To understand more of how we do this read on......

Where is Yale?

Yale University is nestled within the picturesque town of New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University boasts a stunning campus spread across 265 acres. Its gothic architecture and beautiful greenery offer an ideal backdrop for learning and exploration. Yale has built a beautiful campus town that has plenty to see and do during summer. In the university town, there are Yale colleges, both new and old, coffee shops, restaurants (catering to all tastes), shops from Urban Outfitters to the Yale Bookstore and The Payne Whitney Gym - Yale University indoor gym facility with 12 acres of indoor space. 

Why Choose ISSOS Summer School at Yale?

Here's why ISSOS at Yale is the perfect choice:

Secure Campus: We are often asked by parents about the safety of our campuses. As safety is one of our biggest values, it is one of the key factors in selecting the locations for our summer programmes. Yale University maintains a secure campus environment with advanced security systems and dedicated personnel. Parents can trust that their son or daughter will be safe and protected throughout their stay. In addition to a secure campus, ISSOS has a strict boundary in all our campuses that students are asked to stay within. Full ISSOS, Yale campus maps are available online and around the campus. 

Exclusive Accommodation: ISSOS students enjoy the exclusive privilege of staying in Yale University's renowned Branford College, which is reserved for our programme. Branford College is Yale's original and oldest college, and by far the most beautiful; Branford is centrally located, ensuring easy access to all facilities and fostering a sense of community among students. We have a programme office located within Branford College where our senior management team can be found all day, every day to help students with any questions or queries they may have. Branford boasts an amazing courtyard where ISSO students have full access and can play the variety of games we have at all campuses (Spike Ball, Corn hole and Kan Jam).

Supervision: From academic and elective classes to cultural trips and evening programmes, all activities at ISSOS are carefully supervised by experienced staff members. Students can confidently explore Yale's campus and the surrounding area, knowing that their safety is our number one priority. Students are put in to groups by age and gender, each group has a counselor who is directly responsible for that groups supervision and safety at all times. Our counselors are all selected based on their previous experience in working with young people and many of them are qualified teachers. 

Small Class Sizes: With small class sizes, ISSOS offers personalised attention and support to every student. This allows our staff to closely monitor their well-being and provide assistance as needed.

24/7 Support: Parents can rest assured knowing that ISSOS provides round-the-clock support and supervision to students. Our staff members are always available to address any concerns that may arise, ensuring that students feel supported at all times. 

Health and Safety Protocols: ISSOS has implemented robust health and safety protocols and are committed to keeping students safe. Our Yale programme is accredited by the Connecticut Camping Association and ISSOS has a strict internal accreditation process so that all campuses have a certain standard they must adhere to every summer. 

Trained Staff: Our team of educators, counsellors, and senior management team are all highly trained professionals dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for students. All our staff go through a specific ISSOS training before students arrive and are trained in behavior management and how to create a safe place for students. 

Choosing ISSOS at Yale, knowing Safety is Our Priority

At ISSOS, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore in a safe and supportive environment. With our commitment to safety and the exceptional resources of Yale University, parents can trust that their son or daughter will be in good hands during their time with us.

Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with learning, friendship, and fun!

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