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ISSOS Values - Relaunched

ISSOS values are and always have been at the core of our company, making sure they run through everything we do and helping us create an enviable company culture. Our values are at the heart of what we do and allow us to deliver every year to staff, students, and all involved in ISSOS; The Experience of a Lifetime. 

We recently streamlined our values from 9 to 6, read more about our values and the part they play in ISSOS International Summer Schools. 

ISSOS Values

Values at our Core 

ISSOS international summer schools has been a company with values at its core since its inception in 2006, and has always operated in a way that exemplified and promoted this. Throughout our development as a company, we have always focussed on our values and continued to make sure we were staying true to them, and that they ran through everything we did and offered. We made sure that everyone involved in ISSOS knew what our values were, understood why they were relevant, how we used them and how they impacted our decision-making, service delivery and growth. We published our 9 values (People, Education, Balance, Quality, Service, Safety, Social Responsibility, Relationships and Fun) on our website, Jen our CEO gave talks on them and how they impacted the company and created our company culture, and we made sure they were part of all staff training during summer to make sure they were present in everything we did. 

Now in 2023 those values have helped us build one of the most highly regarded international summer school programmes and they have been at the core of developing an exceptional and envied company culture. Our values are not just words and ideals, they are the compass by which we make decisions, grow and evolve as a company and they have been essential in guiding us through the last few years and helping us maintain and build on what makes ISSOS so unique and special. 

ISSOS Values reimagined 

After an incredible summer in 2022 and a few years able to reflect and really work on all the aspects that make ISSOS genuinely different, the things that set us apart from other summer schools, we decided to refine our values from 9 to 6. Why? Not because any of our values mean more than others, but because some crossover and in essence mean the same thing. So we have not given up on any of our original values, we have simply merged some of them to create a stronger understanding of what they mean to us. One value we have changed is People, we decided that one of the most talked about aspects of ISSOS and the thing we strive to build and nourish every day is The ISSOS Family. We felt a better word for this in our values was Community, as it encompasses everything we exist to create - an international, socially responsible community. 

Our newly relaunched values are: Community, Education, Service, Safety, Quality & Fun

To read what each of our values stands for see: ISSOS Values

All our values are core to what ISSOS delivers and can be captured in our tagline: The Experience of a Lifetime. The Experience of a Lifetime is what we provide to staff, students, parents and anyone involved with ISSOS International Summer Schools. We do this by staying true to our values and delivering on each and every one of them.

If you are reading this and have not experienced ISSOS yet then please come and join us in 2023 at one of our 3 internationally renowned campuses as a student or staff member - to join our family Apply now.

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