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ISSOS Summer School at Yale

Yale - one of the worlds top universities and home to ISSOS in the USA.

Summer School at Yale Large

In the last two years a number of alumni students from St Andrews and Cambridge have joined us at our Yale campus, commenting on how "it's just the same, its ISSOS but in the USA'.

We are alwasy asked what ISSOS at Yale is like, is it different to ISSOS in the UK? what are the academic and elective options, do you have clans? The answer is simple, ISSOS at Yale is just that - everything that makes ISSOS unique in the UK is exactly the same in the USA.

Would you like to spend your summer at ISSOS in the USA? We have lots of the same staff from St Andrews and Cambridge, the same clans, the most popular academics and electives and evening programs - everything ISSOS on the stunning and sunny campus of Yale University.
What's it like? watch our opening day film and see for your self or read more about ISSOS at Yale below.

 Incrediable Cultural Trips: New York & Boston

Cultural trips are a big part of the ISSOS experience and Yale offers the opportunity for two of the best Saturday cultural trips to two of the worlds most exciting cities: New York and Boston.

Come to ISSOS Yale and walk through Central Park, shop on 5th Avenue, visit Times Square or The Museum of Natural History, MOMA or St Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. In Boston go on a walking tour and learn about the rich history of the city and shop in the markets and watch street artists.

These will be weekends you will never forget.


Academic Focus: Business and Entrepreneurship

[B&E at Yale] Business and Entrepreneurship at Yale has been so popular that we have had to open 2 classes. Learn all about some of the worlds top brands and why they are successful, develop a product and business within a small team and learn about branding, presentation, marketing, finances and more.
Business and Entrepreneurship at ISSOS.

Academics options at Yale: Business & Entrepreneurship, English Language, Debate, Pre-IB & Creative writing.


Elective Focus: Outdoor Leadership

[Outdoor leadership at Yale] Learn about teamwork, communication and build your self confidence in this incredible and exclusive elective program, while exploring the stunning Yale campus. Go kayaking on the river and try the worlds biggest indoor high ropes course. Who wouldn't want to spend summer taking part in this elective?
Outdoor Leadership at ISSOS

Elective options at Yale: Outdoor Leadership, Film, Photography, Theatre & Tennis


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