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ISSOS Student Tree Initiative

We're dedicated to minimising our environmental impact in every possible way. So for every student enrolling in our programmes, we'll be planting a tree in the scenic Scottish Highlands.

ISSOS Tree Student

ISSOS Trees For Students: Cultivating a Greener Future Worldwide

As your international summer school destination at St Andrews, Cambridge, and Yale, we're dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. To unite students worldwide, travel is essential, but so is our responsibility to the planet. That's why, in addition to various eco-friendly measures, we are excited to share our initiative: ISSOS Trees For Students.

One Student One Tree

Enrolling in ISSOS programmes at St Andrews, Cambridge, or Yale includes a sustainability initiative — we're planting a tree in the Scottish Highlands for every student joining our global family. 

ISSOS Trees for Life 

Partnering with Trees For Life, a renowned environmental organisation, our trees will find a home in carefully selected protected sites in the Scottish Highlands. By doing so, we aim to create habitats for wildlife, foster biodiversity, and contribute to the growth of sustainable forests for future generations.

Embracing ISSOS Trees For Students 

At ISSOS, we believe in the power of collective action. By planting trees together, we are not only investing in a sustainable future but also fostering a sense of global responsibility among our students. Join us in making ISSOS Trees For Students a symbol of our shared commitment to a greener, healthier planet.

Together, let's grow a forest of positive change—one tree at a time.

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