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ISSOS Recruitment Trip

ISSOS Recruitment Trip 2018

ISSOS Recruitment Trip 2018 Large

When we say that ISSOS is The Experience of a Lifetime we are serious about delivering on that promise, which means putting in the legwork to find the best team for our UK and USA summer schools each year. The work starts early, so for the second year running Founder/MD Jen Munro and International Recruitment Director Freddie Kennedy are heading to America on a recruitment trip.


Jen and Freddie will be travelling throughout the States visiting some of the country's top Universities and careers’ fairs along the way, hoping to find new members to add to the growing ISSOS family of teachers and counselors for 2019.


If you are in the USA and would like to find out what opportunities we have available for our 2019 UK and USA summer schools, Jen and Freddie's itinerary is below. Email if you would like to meet them at one of the universities or career fairs they will be attending, or if you're not in the US and want to see what positions we have open that might be of interest to you please click here to visit our recruitment page.


USA Recruitment Trip Itinerary (20th October - 9th November)


Portland (ME)               

Chicago (IL)                   

Saint Louis (MO)            

Nashville (TN)               

Penn State (PA)             

Philadelphia (PA)


Phoenix (AZ)

Tucson (AZ)

Miami (FL)

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