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ISSOS in Action - New Corporate Film

ISSOS in Action - New film showing 3 amazing locations

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With the opening of Yale this summer we thought it was time for a new corporate film to show off our three amazing campuses and hear from staff and students why ISSOS is the place they choose to spend their summer.

We wanted a new modern feel for the film, something that quickly gave parents, students, staff and teachers a glimpse of what ISSOS is all about.  We did not want to include too many details on each academic or elective but more an overview of what a summer at ISSOS can be like. The film was made by HeeHaw, a film company based in Edinburgh who worked with us through every step of the process and visited our campuses to get quality footage and interview staff and students.

HeeHaw said they loved making the film and enjoyed meeting so many of our staff and students in St Andrews and Cambridge. We have a huge amount of footgage from filming that we will be editing over the next few months for everyone to enjoy.  All the staff and students interviewed were amazing and had so many positive things to say about ISSOS, one of the things that came out in every interview was that "ISSOS is a family" and that it is a safe place to spend summer where everyone feels welcome.

Listening to the interviews and seeing the final product makes us all very proud to know that we have a summer school that is making a genuine difference not just in the lives of students but in the lives of staff and even parents.

Thank you to everyone who chose ISSOS this summer, you all contributed to this film in one way or another.

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