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ISSOS founder talks about putting the heart back in to education

Jen Munro, Founder and MD of ISSOS has just returned from America where she was asked to speak at the TEDx Indianapolis event.

ISSOS founder talks about putting the heart back in to education

The event, sponsored by Indianapolis International School was held at The State Museum and brought together educators and students from a diverse background to give presentations based on the theme of the day: Balance.

An impressive line up of speakers included 8 students from schools in Indianapolis who shared their thoughts on balance, with speeches entitled: "What I learned from the Rolling Stones", "The Oreo effect" and "Poverty is not an excuse" to name but a few. Jen was able to arrive a few days prior to the event to work with students from the international school and assist with their speeches. Jen said "The fact that young people were speaking at the event made the whole day so much more worth while, they were brilliant and so gracious as well as being really dynamic and inspirational speakers. I loved spending time with these fantastic young people - it is what these events are really about".

Jens talk, entitled "putting heart back on the agenda" gives an insight in to the motivation behind ISSOS and where the balanced educational program we offer emanates from; Putting Heart back on the Agenda;TEDx

"TED is an amazing forum and to be asked to speak was a brilliant opportunity to speak about something I am passionate about - education and offering a better balance in business and education by -putting heart back on the agenda"

TED is a non profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading and holds conferences all over the world and the website has thousands of fantastic talks. ISSOS loves and TED talks are used extensivley in our academic and elective classes as well as every tuesday we share a link to a TED talk on our facebook page. We like to call it TED Tuesdays. To watch our selected TED talks; ISSOS TED Tuesdays

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