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Discover the heart of ISSOS through its unique Clan System, a cornerstone of the ISSOS experience. From Clan Calling on the second night to the thrilling Highland Games, students and staff form lifelong bonds within the Macdonald, MacGregor, Wallace, or Stewart clans.

ISSOS Clan Big

One of the many things that make ISSOS unique is the clan system that has become integral to the ISSOS experience. When students and staff are asked about their favourite memories of ISSOS, most if not all mention clan events and the loyalty and dedication students and staff feel for their clan is incredible. 

The ISSOS Clan System Explained

On the second night of summer school at all campuses, we run an evening programme called Clan Calling where all students are called into one of our four student clans: Macdonald, MacGregor, Wallace or Stewart. Once a student has been called into a clan they will remain part of that clan for their entire life at ISSOS as a student or as a counselor, if a sibling has been to ISSOS previously their sister or brothers will be in the same clan.

The clans that are led by our counselors will compete over the three weeks in a variety of events from sporting events like: Danish Longball, Clan Ball, and International ISSOS Ball to creative events, dances and many more. 

Clans will earn points for the events and spirit points for the clan that demonstrates the most spirit and good sportsmanship. The three weeks culminate in the Highland Games, a full-day event full of clan chants, competitive events and the tug of war. 

The Munros - the impartial clan, made up of our senior management team and teaching staff oversee all the events to make sure they are fair and at the end of the three weeks the points are counted and the spirit is judged and the coveted spirit shield and clan cup are presented to the winning clans. 

Why Clans

ISSOS is a proud Scottish company and was founded in St Andrews, Scotland, our founder went to summer camp in the USA where there is a long tradition of campers being called into teams to compete during their time at camp.  When Jen set up ISSOS she saw the values that this system brought to the summer school experience and the confidence it developed in everyone involved so decided that as a Scottish company, ISSOS would have clans and so the ISSOS Clans were born and have become one of the key elements of the ISSOS experience.

How do Clans add to the ISSOS experience?

ISSOS clans are designed as a way for students of all nationalities to mix, it's another way out of class for students to get to know one another. ISSOS clans foster healthy competition and teach students about good sportsmanship and communication while having a lot of fun. All the events are designed so no one has to have a specific skill set to take part so everyone starts on a level playing field, all events get students away from technology and outside (weather permitting) taking part in an event as a team. 

One of the massive benefits of the clans, not just for students but also for staff is that they build confidence - often it is the students who are the quietest at the beginning of the summer that end up shouting and chanting words of encouragement to their clan mates at Tug of War. 

Clans and various other elements come together to form the unique ISSOS experience, helping create memories that last a lifetime, all under the banner of The ISSOS Family.

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