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Discover Your Potential at ISSOS Summer Schools

Welcome to ISSOS International Summer School, where our commitment to creating a safe place for learning and growth is deeply rooted in our values. As a values-led company, every decision we make is guided by a simple set of principles.

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Cultivating Greatness at ISSOS Summer School

As you step into the ISSOS Summer School Head Office, you'll notice something unique on every desk – lightbulbs. These aren't just decorations; they symbolise guiding principles shaping our approach during summer school and beyond.

The Light Bulb Metaphor


"Our task is not to put greatness back into our students, but to elicit it, for greatnes is there already." John Bucan 

This powerful statement encapsulates ISSOS's essence. The lightbulb, a universal symbol of creativity and inspiration, serves as a metaphir for the inherent briliance within each inidividual. 

Innate Brilliance

ISSOS International Summer Schools believes everyone is born with innate capacities for greatness, creativity, imagination, understanding, and the ability to lead a remarkable life. This brilliance is symbolised by the shining light bulb. However, life's challenges often overshadow this light.                  

Identifying Obstacles

ISSOS identifies obstacles as metaphorical "post-it notes" with words like bullying, toxic friendships, parental divorces, difficult situations, loss, war, hatred, loneliness, and judgement. Life, with all its complexities, tends to accumulate these notes, obstructing the natural radiance of the light within.

ISSOS's Unique Approach

Our task is to recognise this light in every student and staff member, peeling away metaphorical "post-it notes" during their time with ISSOS. This allows each individual's true potential and worth to emerge.

Summer School as a Catalyst

ISSOS is a transformative space where students remove barriers clouding their greatness. Through curated programmes, supportive environments, and a dedicated mentor team, ISSOS summer schools create an atmosphere for innate potential to flourish.

Guiding Light Through Life

ISSOS serves as a guiding light, enlightening the way toward self-discovery and achieving greatness. The light bulb symbolises our commitment to revealing inner brilliance, emphasising that despite challenges, your inherent light can always shine. Join us in St AndrewsCambridge  or Yale  for an environment fostering personal growth, resilience, and realising your true potential.

Discover more about ISSOS by watching our CEO, Jen Munro, in her TedTalks video where she discusses the principles that have shaped our approach. 

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