The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority. Throughout the three-week program students are well supervised within scheduled classes, trips and activities and also during their free time.

Student Safety

The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority. Throughout the three-week program students are well supervised within scheduled classes, trips and activities and also during their free time.  When students arrive at ISSOS, they are introduced to their group and their counselor, who is there to provide pastoral care and support throughout the summer school session. Counselors wake students up at 7am, accompany them to breakfast and walk them to classes.  In the evenings, students take part in our Evening Activities Program and have a curfew of 10pm when they must be back in Halls of Residence to meet with their counselor.  All students must be in their rooms by 10.30pm and it's 'lights out' at 11pm.  In terms of locations, St Andrews, Cambridge & Yale are well known as  safe university towns and campuses, offering a safe environment for students to enjoy their summer. There are staff available 24 hours a day and when students have free time between 4-6pm, they are able to explore the campuses, under the supervision of staff.  Qualified instructors run all outdoor activities, and activities using outside contractors (e.g. water sports) are subject to detailed risk assessments.

Air travel

It is up to each student to make their own travel arrangements to/from the UK and USA this summer. For those students arriving by plane, transportation from Edinburgh International Airport, Stanstead International Airport and John F Kennedy Airport will be available free of charge, providing students arrive before 4pm(16:00) and depart by 12 noon(12:00) on the closing day. Travel arrangements can be made outside these times at an extra cost.


All students will be met by ISSOS staff (before 4pm for St Andrews and Cambridge, and before 3pm for Yale) who will be easily identified and will help students with their bag and accompany them to the summer school, on the following dates.    Please note that students should travel with one suitcase only.

St Andrews 2019

  • Session 1: Sunday 30th June
  • Session 2: Wednesday 24th July

Cambridge 2019

  • Session 1: Wednesday 10th July

Yale 2019

  • Session 1: Sunday 14th July 

We have coaches leaving from Edinburgh, Stanstead and John F Kennedy International Airports from 10am to transport our students. We ask that all students book flights that arrive before 4pm (16:00hrs) on opening day for UK schools, and 3pm (15:00) at Yale.  This is to allow transfer times to each location.

A uniformed representative of ISSOS will be at the airport to welcome all students and accompany them to the summer school. 

Please note: Due to the large amount of students arriving at the airport, your son or daughter may have to wait for other student’s flights to come in. We will try to make this wait as short and comfortable as we can.


All students will be escorted to the airport. Students are asked to book flights that depart on the following dates before 12 noon(12:00hrs).  Flights as early as 7am(07:00) are suitable for departure.

St Andrews 2019

  • Session 1: Sunday 21st July
  • Session 2: Wednesday 14th August

Cambridge 2019

  • Session 1: Wednesday 31st July 

Yale 2019

  • Session 1: Sunday 4th August 

It will be your responsibility to provide ISSOS  with a detailed breakdown of your travel arrangements. Once all travel arrangements have been confirmed please fill in the travel information form. For those booking international flights please also note that if you have had to acquire entry clearance (visa) for your son or daughter in order for them to travel to the UK or USA this summer, you will not be able to purchase an open-ended flight ticket. 

If your son or daughter is traveling as an unaccompanied minor (under the age of 16) we ask that you book a flight within the time frames stated.


Any students arriving outwith the times stated above or arriving by train, we can arrange a private car at an additional cost, please contact Louise O'Connor to arrange this. 


All students must purchase suitable travel insurance which covers them when abroad. For those students who live within the EU and are travelling to the UK, standard summer holiday insurance packages will suffice,  those who live outwith the EU will also require medical cover. Students attending our Yale program will require travel and medical insurance. 


ISSOS, St Andrews and ISSOS, Cambridge are fully accreddited through British Accreditation Council (BAC), we will provide letters of support and any additional information needed for students who require a visa.  All non US students will require a B-2 visa to travel to our Yale summer school, these can be obtained from the United States Embassy in your home country. 

It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for appropriate travel documentation such as Visas when required, we ask all students to carry their Summer School acceptance letter and personal details for identification. In the event of any problem with customs please contact us on: +44 (0) 3300 777 247.

If you have any questions relating to any of the above details please feel free to contact us at any time.

Policies and Procedures

ISSOS has a number of policies and procedures, put in place for the benefit of our students and staff. These policies can be viewed here.