Integrating students

ISSOS is an international summer school that does all it can to foster a true international community. The majority of students attending ISSOS travel alone and arrive knowing no one, we at ISSOS take the role of integrating every student from the moment they arrive and ensuring they make genuine and lasting friendships very seriously.

With this in mind we have a successful rooming policy that we ask parents and students to support in order to foster that international community and support those arriving who do not know other students.

As you may be aware ISSOS does not accept groups of students and only accepts 10% of students from one nationality in order to create a truly intentional community.

Accommodation at ISSOS

All students are housed in the University halls of residence. Floors are split by gender and divided by age group.

Each student will be allocated a single or shared room. Students who require a single or shared room for a medical reason will be given priority when allocating rooms.
If a student is allocated a shared room they will be placed with a student of the same age and gender and in addition will be placed with a student they do not already know, that is of a different nationality.

We try to make sure that if a student is coming to ISSOS to improve their English that they are not in a room with some one that speaks their own language, therefore encouraging them to speak English at all times.

Frequently asked Questions Regarding Accommodation and Rooming.

If my son/daughter is in a shared room, how many others will he/she be sharing with?
All shared room are for two students. we do not have any dormitory style rooms at ISSOS.

My son/daughter has english as a first language, if they are sharing a room will their room mate have a good level of English? Yes, we try match students with a room mate who will interact well, we base this on interests and level of English.

My son/daughter wants to share with a friend, is this possible?
No, in the spirit of creating an international community and encourage all students to make new friends as well as building existing friendships. Most students do not know anyone when they arrive so we encourage those who arrive knowing someone to take the lead and mix with others and enjoy the unique environment.

Please note that if the friends are of a similar age they will more than likely be in rooms on the same floor. In addition students spend very little time in their rooms, other than sleeping as they are engaged in activities most of the time.

My son/daughter are twins can they share?
No, it is important that all student mix with new cultures and nationalities. The twins will more than likely, due to age and gender be in rooms next to each other or close by so will have ample opportunities to see each other as well as making new friends.

My son/daughter is scared of being alone at night, how will you help?
We will make sure that your son/daughter are either in a room with a room mate or are roomed next door to the counselor. The counselor will be made aware of the situation and will make sure your son/daughter is comfortable and enjoys their time at ISSOS.

My son/daughter wants to share with their friend who is 2 years older, is this possible?
All students will only be in rooms with someone of the same age, groups are split by age. In addition students will be placed with some one they do not already know in order to foster new friendships and a healthy ISSOS community.

Can we make room requests?
Students who have a medical condition that requires a single room can make this request and every effort will be made to honor this. Parents and students will be asked to fill out a questionnaire after they have been accepted to ISSOS, there is a section where you can request a single or shared room.