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Yale's beautiful university campus provides our students with a base to explore the small university town around it that has a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Students will stay in one of Yale University's Colleges, which is exclusive to ISSOS and is centrally located so that students can enjoy their beautiful surroundings.

ISSOS at Yale 

Yale is located in a small town in Connecticut, with the campus itself being set within 265 acres. It provides our ISSOS students with all of the amenities they could possibly need during their stay and the campus has lots of grassy lawns that are perfect for enjoying the sunny summer days.

Accomodation at ISSOS Yale 

ISSOS enjoys exclusive access to Branford College, nestled within the secure confines of Yale University's campus. Here, students have access to charming coffee shops and cafes, while the stunning courtyard of Branford College is a highlight, particularly during the summer.

Branford College allows students to experience the bond and intimacy of a small school, all while granting access to the rich cultural and scholarly resources of a large university.

Yale University

At ISSOS, our summer school students get to immerse themselves in the prestigious atmosphere of Yale University, one of the top Ivy League institutions in the USA. Yale's renowned gothic architecture and the charming surrounding university town provide abundant opportunities for shopping, exploration, and indulging in the diverse range of cafes and restaurants.


Yale Campus
Yale arrivals

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All students choose one academic and one elective to follow for the duration of the three week programme. In addition students will benefit from our all inclusive and exciting activities, cultural trips and workshops.

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