ISSOS International Summer Schools

Our exclusive ISSOS summer schools offer high school students from over 80 nationalities (aged 13-18) the opportunity to combine learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure in one of three amazing, historic and picturesque university towns of St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale.

Ages 13-18 80 Nationalities Beautiful, safe and world renowned locations Native & non-native English speakers Each nationality limited to 10% Taught by fully qualified professionals

Program overview

Fully accredited and award winning Summer School

  • Students choose one academic and one elective option
  • Three weeks fully residential stay at one of our exclusive university locations
  • Take part in exciting activities, evening programs and cultural trips


Our high quality academic summer school programs are designed to cater specifically for the needs of international students. Classes meet daily for three hours and unlike other summer schools, we offer limited places in order to guarantee that all our students will benefit from small class sizes and individual attention.

Business and Entrepreneurship

We look to prepare students for the future by giving them the skills, confidence and motivation to succeed in life beyond the classroom.


Creative Writing

For students of all levels who have a desire to explore their own potential and challenge themselves creatively.



Guaranteed to give participants the edge by developing the skills and confidence to express themselves effectively.


English Language

Learning English is about more than studying words and phrases. We see it as a chance to explore new ideas, cultures and develop communication skills that will take you around the world.



The International Baccalaureate course will give you the skills and experience to feel prepared, confident and ready to achieve your personal best.


IB Extended Essay

Tackle the IB Extended Essay while supported by qualified supervisors in one of the best research facilities in the world



Students will be taught to sharpen their research and writing skills and debate social, political and ethical issues.


Youth Leadership

Students can discover their potential and acquire the skills, confidence and motivation to make things happen and bring about change.



Each student combines his or her academic summer school program option with one of our unique, in-depth elective summer school courses, which are timetabled four afternoons per week. These fun-filled and action-packed courses enable students to discover and participate in exciting subjects while gaining new skills.


We believe everyone is an artist, in the iSSOS art program we help you to see art everywhere and explore different types of art forms. Let your creativity run wild and discover your artistic voice.



Set in the medieval surrounding of Cambridge University, students who choose our fencing program will learn from British Fencing Association coaches.



Students discover the fascinating world of film-making and to let their imaginations run free.



Build confidence and improve your game through professional golf coaching in a safe, fun and international environment.


Outdoor Leadership

This three-week summer school course is designed for all students, whatever their previous experience of outdoor pursuits and regardless of fitness level.



Use the inspiring and stunning campuses of Cambridge & Yale as a playground of visual stimulation and learn to photograph landscape, portraits of friends, nature and life in action.



Professional coaches work with our summer students to teach them new skills, achieve their personal goals and develop a love of the game.



ISSOS offers its students the opportunity to explore and extend their theatrical skills and talents and use them to develop a unique piece of theatre.



In addition to our exceptional academic summer school programs and exciting afternoon elective summer school courses, each of our students will also benefit from a broad ranging and all-inclusive summer school activities program.

Day trips

Summer School trips are scheduled every Wednesday afternoon and weekends are reserved for a variety of day trips.


Evening entertainment

Students at ISSOS will enjoy a wide range of exciting evening programs.


Highland Games

Students at ISSOS will join a clan that promotes teamwork and good sportsmanship.


Additional activities

Throughout summer school, students are offered many opportunities to take part in a variety of outdoor pursuits and activities, scheduled at weekends and during timetabled activity periods.