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For ages 14 to 18

Suitable for ages 14 - 18 with English level B2 and above

Creative Writing at ISSOS is designed to develop students’ writing talents and help them to harness the power in their words as a way to express themselves and tell their own story.

Creative Writing Summer School Course


Our 3-week creative writing summer school programme helps students build their writing skills through a range of projects including short stories, essays and poetry, to help them discover their own creative voice.


Students taking this class should have English language of level B2 or above. Please click here to read our FAQ about language level suitability for each class.


Benefits of Creative Writing at ISSOS

  • Expert tuition from a published writer
  • Benefits all areas of schoolwork through improved writing structure
  • Regular writing practice and balanced critical evaluation to refine skills
  • Builds confidence and communication skills
  • Boosts imagination and develops clarity of thought
  • Lowers stress and strengthens mental and emotional health
  • 39 hours of tuition
  • Pair this class with one of our exciting Elective subjects


What Students learn

During this 3-week course students will write extensively and discover different styles of writing through a range of projects including essays, short stories and poetry. Using the world around them and their own experiences as inspiration, students will learn new skills to help them discover their voice.

As well as studying the work of renowned writers students will also benefit from extensive writing practice and expert help from our highly skilled teachers. They may also get the chance to see their work in print if it is chosen as a feature for our summer school magazine, The ISSOS Times.

Students will learn to understand and harness the power of using creative language to produce everything from original poems, scenes from a play or movie, to song lyrics and short stories.

Creative Writing Pod
Creative Writing Pod
Creative Writing Pod
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