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Students at ISSOS will all join one of our Clans that are designed to build our international community, promote teamwork, friendly competition and good sportsmanship.

The ISSOS Clans

We are a proudly Scottish company and we like to celebrate our roots, as a result, the ISSOS clans have become one of the most popular parts of the student experience. We have four student clans: MacDonald, Stewart, MacGregor and Wallace. Each clan is represented by a different colour and students are given a clan t-shirt when they are welcomed into their clan at our Clan Calling event in the first few days at ISSOS.

Brothers and sisters of alumni will be welcomed into the same clan as their family members were and returning students are always part of their same original clan.

Our clans represent the heart and soul of friendly competition, good sportsmanship and teamwork. During the three weeks at ISSOS, our clans compete in a variety of evening programmes, judged by our impartial staff clan, the Munros. Points are awarded at each event which all build up and go towards hopefully winning the clan cup. Clan events include activities like Dodgeball, Urban Orienteering, Mini Olympics, Scottish Country Dancing and more.

In the final week of the programme, the clan events culminate in the ISSOS Highland Games, after which the clan Cup and Spirit shield will be awarded.

The clans are an important part of ISSOS that allows our international community spirit to grow, help students bond and teach leadership skills while building confidence in every student. 

The Highland Games

The Highland Games sees the end of the clan competitions and the winning clan will win the ISSOS Clan Cup. At the Highland Games students will take part in lots of unique and fun events, like welly throwing, tossing the caber, ISSOS' strongest student and an all-school game of Capture The Flag.

The final night plays host to our traditional Scottish evening where the clan Cup is awarded. Dinner is a little different that evening, with a piper arriving to pipe in the Haggis for dinner, and then students are off to the final night dance where they can take part in some traditional Scottish Country Dancing and have fun at the disco.

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