ISSOS Student Leadership Internship

An internship at ISSOS offers you the chance to learn by doing while supervised by an industry professional

Are you looking for a summer internship? ISSOS can help.

All of our summer positions at Yale can be taken on as paid summer internships that will offer you a host of benefits while having an incredible summer experience. An internship by definition should enhance your personal and professional development and at ISSOS we are dedicated to helping each member of our team grow and develop over summer by offering them the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of the summer school.

Our Student Leadership Internship (SLI) offers you the chance to learn by doing while supervised by an industry professional. Depending on your skill set or chosen career path you can apply for positions to teach, lead activities and the responsibility of child welfare, take on a business admin role or choose to document the ISSOS experience by managing our media. Whatever you choose to apply for, if successful you will be actively involved every day and learning at every turn.

Prior to starting the SLI, you will have a meeting with our International Recruitment Director who will help you design your personal internship program at ISSOS, setting clear learning objectives and goals and ensuring you have the opportunity to explore the areas of the business which interest you.

Benefits of an ISSOS Student Leadership Internship

Career Development

  • Gain work experience to add to your skills and resume
  • Work with our International Recruitment Director in designing your personal internship program
  • Access to our careers workshop and resume development
  • Full Personality Profile Analysis used by Fortune 500 companies for recruitment purposes
  • Work alongside professionals in the industry
  • Observe and experience an international company with multiple locations

Leadership and Skill Development

  • Learn new skills and add to your knowledge while gaining confidence in your abilities
  • Gain an understanding on how an international company with multiple locations operates
  • Enhance your career and personal development
  • Practice communication, presentation skills, public speaking, teamwork and conflict resolution
  • Develop your initiative and prove your reliability and sense of responsibility
  • Apply your knowledge and emotional intelligence to an ever-changing and international community.

Networking, mentorship and references

  • Grow your network of international contacts
  • Opportunity to become a company Ambassador
  • Gain mentorship from a industry professional
  • Advice on future career path
  • References for future job applications
  • Meet with the Managing Director and International Recruitment Director for supervisory meetings

Resume Enhancements

  • Add multiple skills sets to your resume from communication, teamwork, conflict resolution to flexibility, confidence and reliability.
  • Practical experience to show a potential employer
  • Certificate of completion with a reference from the company


    • Please refer to individual roles for the required skills, experience and qualifications
    • We will require a letter of recommendation from either a university lecturer/tutor or a current or previous employee.
    • You must be available for the full dates of Thursday 12th July - Monday 6th August
    • The SLI is only available at our Yale University program.


      • Single room within halls is provided at Yale University
      • 3 meals per day provided
      • Fixed payment of $1770 - $1970 depending on the position
      • $100 reimbursement for travel to/from New Haven

How To Apply

Please visit Please apply for the roles you are interested in and highlight in the "Anything Else You Want Us To Know" section that you are interested in applying for the Student Leadership Internship.