Students discover the fascinating world of film-making and to let their imaginations run free.

Film at ISSOS Students discover the fascinating world of film-making and to let their imaginations run free.

Film summer school

The three-week film elective gives students the unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of film- making and to let their imaginations run free.
The course provides a practical introduction to all aspects of film craft through a combination of interactive seminars, technical training and hands-on experience behind the camera. Armed with this knowledge and expert tuition from professionals in the film industry students will then create their very own short films to be screened in front of the entire Summer School. 

Offered in St Andrews and Yale campuses.


Film at ISSOS

  • Benefit from professional guidance and instruction
  • Learn to use industry standard equipment
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills by collaborating on unique projects 
  • Discover the excitement and satisfaction of putting original ideas into action 
  • Immerse yourself in the process of film-making

Throughout this course, students of all ability levels will benefit from expert tuition on script writing, directing, production management, cinematography and editing, right through to location scouting and set design.

Each student will receive instruction in the use of industry standard cameras and editing software. Working in small teams, students will then learn to work within a production crew taking turns to direct, produce and create their own unique films. 

This elective has been designed to give students a practical introduction to film-making, while at the same time, helping them to appreciate the rewards of teamwork and the satisfaction of putting their own ideas into action. Students will not only create their own unique films, they will also gain the confidence to express and discuss their ideas, learn what it takes to put their ideas into action and discover the rewards of seeing their ideas come to life on the big screen. 

For examples of films students have produced while at issos please go to our youtube channel