We believe everyone is an artist, in the iSSOS art program we help you to see art everywhere and explore different types of art forms. Let your creativity run wild and discover your artistic voice.
July 1st – July 22nd 2020
July 26th – August 16th 2020
13 – 18 years oldPlease note some academic options are recommended/designed for specific ages – see below.
All students choose one academic and one elective program.
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The ISSOS art elective enables students of all levels and abilities to uncover their artistic potential. The course is set to be a unique experience, providing group teaching in an array of styles to ensure that every student finds an area in which to shine. 

Whether students already have a passion for a particular artistic technique or are beginners hoping to awaken their creativity, this program covers something for everyone. Students will study a wide range of methods, from line drawing and oil painting to more contemporary practices such as still photography and cartoon illustration. Their projects could be as diverse as painting a self-portrait onto canvas to designing an album cover for their favourite band – the possibilities are endless! 


Art at ISSOS 

  • Explore creativity in a fun and relaxed setting
  • Gain inspiration from visits to famous art galleries and exhibitions
  • Develop and hone artistic skills in a range of techniques
  • Have your work showcased in the ISSOS art exhibition.

In terms of location, few settings lend themselves to the budding artist as well as St Andrews. Not only is the superb natural scenery a stunning subject for landscape art, we are also ideally placed to visit some of Britain’s best-known art galleries in nearby Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

The advantages of the relaxed and stimulating environment we o er at ISSOS are clear in the work that is produced by the students during their stay. To acknowledge their achievements, work is put on display in a final week art exhibition for all to admire.