Application process for our campuses in the UK


Read the Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations contained in this document.




Complete the application form.




Arrange for the payment of the registration fee. Your place will not be reserved or processed until the registration fee has been received. Registration fee payment details:


Pay Online: our online payment option can be found on our website (


To see our payment providers terms of use please see, we ask all those paying to read these terms and to familiarise themselves with these terms and in particular 5.9 that details

refunds made and how currency conversion may affect the amount received.


Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable. Once a place has been offered

to a student, the registration fee is not refundable in any circumstances. However, if

we do not offer a place to a student, the registration fee will be refunded within 14 days of

our receiving it from you.




As soon as ISSOS has received and approved your application and received the registration

fee, we will send:


  • An email confirming the place;
  • Links to our student and travel questionnaires (which can be downloaded from our
  • website at any time);
  • A parents’ information booklet, students’ information booklet & luggage tags (these
  • will be sent closer to the summer and will provide you with all the information
  • required).


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the application process.




At ISSOS the safety and welfare of our students is our highest priority. All of our students are offered exceptional opportunities and freedom to flourish. However, we are keen to

note that with these freedoms come responsibilities. If ISSOS determines that students have broken any of these rules and regulations, or have compromised the safety of

themselves, another ISSOS student or anyone else on the programme, we reserve the right to send students home immediately without refund. All rules and regulations will be strictly

enforced. By applying to ISSOS, students agree to abide by the rules and regulations set out in these terms and conditions and any additional rules and regulations detailed on







By making an application, the parent or guardian (referred to as ‘ guardian’ in these terms and conditions) and the student accept that;


1. These together with the sections headed ‘ payment’ and ‘ other important information’ are the terms and conditions of the contract between them and ISSOS (a trading style of The

Saint Andrews Experience Limited and The Cambridge Experience Ltd, both companies registered in Scotland).


2. The guardian and student are bound by that contract jointly and severally;


3. They have each read and accepted the terms and conditions and have each read and accept, and undertake that the student will abide by, the rules and regulations;


4. All information supplied in connection with the application (including but not limited to, name of student, age/date of birth, and nationality) is accurate, complete and true and they

will inform ISSOS of any changes to such information, in particular of; a) any new, or changes to an existing medical condition or travel plans which are relevant to the ability of ISSOS to cater for and look after the student; and b) the contact details of the guardian;


5. An application is made for a specific named student and cannot be transferred to another named individual. In addition the payment made cannot be transferred to another

student or another summer session - the summer session and year applied for cannot be transferred to another date or campus.


6. The guardian will be contactable on the telephone numbers given on the application form throughout the student’s time travelling to, attending and returning from the relevant programme;


7. No other person’s consent is required for the student to attend the programme;


8. The guardian and the student indemnify ISSOS and will keep ISSOS indemnified against any claims, costs, proceedings, demands, losses, damages, expenses or liability whatsoever

arising as a result of the guardian or the student's breach of the contract or violation of the rules and regulations;


9. ISSOS intends to run the relevant programme in accordance with the descriptions most recently published on its website, but reserves the right to make any amendments to the programmes at its absolute discretion and in such a manner as it considers appropriate;


10. In the event of “force majeure” such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases, pandemic, acts of God, government, terrorism, natural disaster, labour conditions and power failures and

other events out with the company’s reasonable control which may cause the closure of the school or prevent the company from running the relevant programme, no refund of fees will be made, except at the school's discretion;


11. These terms and conditions contain the whole agreement between ISSOS and the guardian and student in relation to all aspects of the programme. In particular, no

statements, understandings, agreements or warranties made orally or in writing, on the website, in the brochure or elsewhere shall have any relevance to these terms and conditions. Any changes to these terms and conditions will only have effect if made in writing. These terms and conditions supersede all previous agreements, arrangements and

understandings but nothing herein shall be read or construed as excluding liability resulting from any fraudulent act or omission by any party;


12. These terms and conditions and all rights under them may be assigned or transferred by ISSOS but not by the guardian or the student;


13. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Scottish law and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.




Students are accepted subject to space and on receipt of full application form and registration fee. P lease note that the registration fee is non-refundable. O nce a place

has been offered to a student, the registration fee is not refundable in any circumstances. However, if we do not offer a place to a student, the registration fee will be refunded within 14 days of our receiving it from you.




Transport to and from home city, airport transfers outside stated times and from any airport other than those specified by ISSOS, pocket money and souvenirs or stationery, lunch on full day cultural trips.. Any medical expenses incurred during the programme that are not covered by insurance or have to be claimed from insurance. Any additional accommodation/expenses incurred if a student has to remain in the country of the summer programme because they are prevented from getting back to their own country, due to and not exclusively: quarantined due to an infectious disease, natural disaster/government restrictions preventing them from returning immediately.




Travel and medical insurance, Room, full board, tuition, excursions, entertainment and airport transfers if a student arrives within stated timeframes and at specified airport. ISSOS T-shirt, Clan T-shirt, Lanyard. An academic report and certificate of completion will be sent after the summer school is complete.




A registration fee is payable with the application and the remaining tuition fees are due within 21 days of acceptance. Any students applying after May 20th must pay the full fee

(registration plus remainder) up front.


  • Full payment of the registration and tuition fee must be received within the required payment schedule to confirm the student’s place. If this is not received within 21 days, ISSOS has the right to delete the application and cancel the student’s place.


  • The applicant is liable for any bank and/or transfer charges applied to payments and must ensure they are paid in addition to the payment which is to be sent to ISSOS.
  • Please note that payments made in any currency except British Pounds are done so at the exchange rate applied on the date of transaction and is effective only for the period of time
  • of the stated transaction.




The contract may be cancelled within 14 days of receiving notice of acceptance and a full refund payable of any fees received. Thereafter the full outstanding fee becomes due and



Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable. Once a place has been offered to a student, the registration fee is not refundable in any circumstances. However, if we do not offer a place to a student, the registration fee will be refunded within 14 days of our receiving it from you.


If a refund is made, please be aware that exchange rates will have moved between the date you paid your fees and the date we issue your refund. This may work in your favour if your

home currency has appreciated against GBP; the opposite is true if your currency has depreciated against GBP. We will ensure that the GBP amount we issue via flywire is

correct at the date of refund and we do not accept any responsibility for the movement in exchange rates. We cannot guarantee the amount you will receive in your local currency,

which is calculated based on Flywire's international transfer exchange rate.


Up to and including February 1st 2021


All applicants who apply for an ISSOS 2021 programme will be able to cancel at any time and for any reason up to and including February 1st 2021 and will receive a full refund of tuition fees paid. After February 1st tuition fee refunds will only be made for medical reasons that comply with the below.


Should a student require to cancel for medical reasons, this request must be supported by an appropriate doctor’s certificate in English. In the event that the cancellation is for medical reasons and is made up to 21 days before the commencement of the summer school they will be reimbursed the tuition fee. In the event that the cancellation, for medical reasons, is made less than 21 days before the commencement of the summer school they will be reimbursed 25% of the tuition fee. F or the avoidance of doubt, the registration fee is not refundable at any time other than during the 14 day cancellation period after receipt of acceptance.


In the event that a cancellation occurs due to ‘ force majeure’ such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases, pandemic, acts of God, government, terrorism, natural disaster, war, labour conditions and power failures and other events out with the guardian or ISSOS’s reasonable control that prevent the student from attending, no refund of fees will be

made, except at the school’s discretion.


If the student is unable to attend the school for any other reason (including, without limitation, a force majeure event such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases, acts of God, government, terrorism, natural disaster, labour conditions and power failures or any other event outside the student’s or the guardian’s control) but the school is not closed or the

company is not prevented from running the relevant programme, no refund of fees will be made. The student and guardian should ensure they have adequate insurance in place to

cover the risk that the student will not be able to travel to or attend the school. 


Any student who does not turn up, who leaves, or is asked to leave the summer school during the session is not entitled to receive any refund.




For students that require visa support documents, all paperwork will be issued upon receipt of the full payment. Applicants are asked to apply for a visa as soon as they receive

their visa support documents in order to allow for adequate turnaround time for visa processing. If a student’s visa is denied and ISSOS are notified by June 1st, tuition fees will

be refunded upon proof of the visa denial. After June 1st, applicants are not eligible for any refund. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, applicants must keep ISSOS aware of

the progress of their visa status and notify head office immediately of any issues. Once visa support documents have been sent, applicants take full responsibility for securing their

visa to the UK.




ISSOS provides basic travel insurance and medical insurance for every student, this only covers their time at ISSOS and does not cover students who decide to travel before or

after the programme. In addition, ISSOS does not cover any damages or breakages of personal items, unless this is clearly the fault of ISSOS or an ISSOS member of staff.

Students must take responsibility for their personal possessions.


For more information on the policy that ISSOS provides please go to:




Guardians and students are responsible for informing us on application of all medical, dental, dietary, educational or other special needs regarding the student. All costs related

to those needs including medical and dental care, tests, allergy, shots and prescriptions are the responsibility of the guardian. Appropriate medical insurance that will cover any

medical treatment received while in the UK is provided by ISSOS. All bills from health facilities used by ISSOS on behalf of a student will be charged to the guardian and receipts

sent in order for the guardian to claim on the insurance provided.




In the event of an emergency, the parent/guardian authorises ISSOS to contact and secure, if necessary medical attention for their son/daughter. If emergency or surgical treatment is

required and the parent/guardian is not contactable (all efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardian in the first instance) the parent/guardian gives permission for an ISSOS

representative along with senior management to secure whatever medical treatment may be required as advised by a medical professional.




A valid passport is essential for travel to the UK with an expiry date of at least 6 months beyond the end date of your visit. All students are responsible for arranging appropriate

travel documentation, such as visas, where required, see above, ‘ Students who need a visa to attend/visa refusal’. ISSOS must receive accurate travel details (arrival and departure) at

least 21 days prior to the start of the selected summer session.




All students arriving and departing from the designated airport(please see Travel Information page on our website) within the given time frames on the stated dates and

will be transferred to and from our campus free of charge as long as students arrive within the departure time of summer school coaches. ISSOS must receive all flight/travel

information at least 21 days prior to the selected campus start date. Please do not book open tickets: purchase a return ticket on the stated arrival and departure dates. If there are

changes to a student’s travel plans that are outwith our control and a student is delayed or misses their flight, therefore missing the time slot for our coaches, ISSOS will arrange for a

private car to collect the student, the cost of the private car and any wait time incurred, is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.




ISSOS will confirm our designated airports and the times that our transfer service will be available on opening and closing days. If the student arrives outside these stated timeframes or to another airport, we will arrange a private transfer for that student, however, it will be at an additional cost. The cost of the transfer will be confirmed at the time of submitting travel arrangements, and ISSOS will require the transfer cost to be paid in full before the transfer booking will be confirmed. If there are changes to a student’s travel plans that are outwith our control and a student’s flight is cancelled or delayed or they miss their private transfer, a new transfer will be arranged but there may be an additional cost which is payable by the parent/guardian.




We reserve the right to dismiss any student found in breach of the Rules and Regulations of ISSOS. Should a student violate any of these rules, ISSOS has the right to dismiss or exclude the student from the programme and, in extreme cases, repatriate that student at the student’s own expense, in any case, without refund of the programme fee. All additional associated costs with dismissal from the programme will be the responsibility of the guardian.




We reserve the right to change or cancel courses, and to modify the programme, including which University Halls of Residence students will stay in, as circumstances dictate. We will

advise students of any changes which significantly alter the programme they have selected as soon as possible.




ISSOS will exercise due care in arranging and conducting the programme. However, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for any damage, loss, claim or injury of any kind

whatsoever resulting from any act of omission, commission or inadvertence of any accommodation provider or carrier or other company or person rendering any of the

services required as part of the programme. Nor can ISSOS be responsible for any student who leaves the programme (with or without ISSOS’s consent) or who breaks the rules and regulations and in doing so suffers loss or injury. Causing harm to yourself or others - asphyxiation games, bullying, physical or mental harm of any kind or discrimination, will

not be tolerated. In addition any slanderous, discriminatory, derogatory or inappropriate comments or accounts made on social media that threaten/embarrass/ or in any way harm the reputation of a student, staff member, associate or ISSOS in any way will have to be removed and disciplinary action will be taken.


To the maximum extent permitted by law, ISSOS excludes liability for any loss or damage of any kind however arising, including, without limitation, any direct, indirect or consequential monetary or other loss suffered by a guardian or student as a result of the student taking part in one of ISSOS’s programmes but if ISSOS is held by a Scottish court to be directly

responsible for any such loss or damage, we will pay to the guardian or student who has suffered loss up to the amount equal to the price paid to ISSOS for the relevant programme.


ISSOS will not assume responsibility or liability for any damage, loss, claim or injury resulting from events beyond its control including, without limitation, acts of God, strikes,

incidents of terrorism, politically or religiously motivated violence, war, sickness, government restrictions or regulations, weather, quarantines or wilful or negligent acts of

third parties or suppliers to ISSOS.


Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude any liability of ISSOS for death or personal injury arising from its own negligence nor affect any rights which the guardian or

student have as consumers.




ISSOS’s programmes are open to students of all nationalities, who are aged 13 -18 years, and will be returning to high school after the summer. All those who require a visa in order to take part in a summer programme are responsible for obtaining the relevant visa and travel documentation. If on arrival we find a student or parent has neglected to divulge

appropriate information on the student’s mental, physical or emotional state and this in any way prohibits the student from being able to take part in certain aspects of the

programme or requires significant additional attention from staff or impacts other students in any significant way, ISSOS reserves the right to ask the parents to remove the

student from the programme for their own safety and enjoyment. This will be done without refund.




All students of ISSOS are expected to obey the law. If any student breaks the law or is suspected of doing so, they shall be disciplined accordingly. This can include but is not limited to contacting the police or appropriate authority out with ISSOS and/or being repatriated immediately, without refund.




ISSOS has a zero tolerance policy with regards to the use of alcohol or drugs. The use, possession or purchase of any quantity of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden for all

students regardless of their age, and could result in immediate expulsion from the programme without refund. Students who are suspected of the use, possession or purchase of alcohol or drugs will be placed on probation and their guardians will be notified. This includes the misuse of prescription or over the counter medication.




ISSOS operates a strict no smoking policy. Any student found to be smoking in or on university property or found to be purchasing, distributing or consuming cigarettes or tobacco will be reported to the Program Director and issued with a formal warning, this may ultimately lead to the student’s dismissal from the programme. Under UK law it is a criminal offence to sell cigarettes or tobacco to any person under 18 years old. This extends to the purchase, distribution and consumption of all e-cigarettes, vaporizers and any associated products or materials, regardless of whether or not the former contain nicotine.




All students of ISSOS are expected to attend classes, electives and activities, complete all projects and assignments on time and check-in at curfew every night. There will also be a

number of compulsory programme meetings. Outside the requirements, students are free to decide how they spend their time. If students are found to be using their free time inappropriately, their independence in choosing how they spend their free time shall be revoked. All academic and elective programmes have been specifically designed to assist students advance their English Language skills. English language is a core value of ISSOS and underpins all summer school programmes. On completion of the 3 week programme students will be sent an academic report and a certificate of completion. The certificate of completion will only be issued if a student has completed all relevant work and has

participated fully in the programme.


All students are asked to bring a laptop or device that allows them to connect to the internet and complete academic work. All students must check what equipment is needed

for certain elective programmes and bring the appropriate clothing and/or equipment where this is ont provided.




Plagiarism will not be tolerated at ISSOS. Plagiarism is: submitting work using another author’s language, thoughts, ideas or expressions and representing them as one's own work. This includes failing to credit ideas found online, in print or from any other source without referencing them appropriately. Any student found to be plagiarizing work will be given a formal warning and the event detailed in their academic report.




As an international summer school, our rooming policy fosters an international community. Floors are split by gender and divided by age group. Students can request a single room for medical reasons and every attempt will be made to assist. We cannot guarantee a single room for any other reason. Students in shared rooms will be with a student of the same age and gender, students will be placed with a student of a different nationality and who they do not know. We do not accept requests for friends or family members to share a room. We will make every attempt to make sure those sharing a room do not speak the same language (to read details of our rooming policy please see the ISSOS Rooming Policy on our website).






Access to dormitories is restricted, at certain times, to those students who live in the dormitory. There are many common areas in which students are welcome to visit one another. Appropriate behaviour and conduct is expected of students at all times.




Curfews are clearly defined and students are expected to check-in at these specific times. After curfew, students must remain in the specified area until 7 am the following morning.

Students must stay within the boundaries as laid out by ISSOS and stay within residencies after evening check-in. In addition, students must stay within set boundaries when on trips.

Any students found to be leaving the campus or halls of residence after the curfew without permission will be reprimanded and in some instances dismissed from the programme.




All visitors must make a visitor request by contacting the head office, all visitor details will be required and head office will approve the visit as long as it does not disrupt the

students. ISSOS programme, visitors are asked to sign in at the programme office. Students must ensure that their visitors abide by all programme rules and must remain

within the common areas when on campus. On arrival and departure days family members may access the private dormitory areas.




In general


A significant component of ISSOS programmes is that students are afforded certain responsibilities and freedoms. Guardians and students must recognise that ISSOS staff

cannot supervise students at all times. When students choose to spend time independently, they must take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. During

the programme students will refrain from: chewing gum, graffiti, damaging property of any kind, swearing or bad language, ball games of any kind inside university premises or

teaching classrooms, discriminatory behaviour or anything deemed to be a form of bullying.


Respect for the Community


All students of ISSOS are expected to respect the rights of all members of the community. This includes other students and staff of ISSOS and staff of the University and their halls of

residence as well as the wider community. Anti-social behaviour includes, but is not limited to, bullying, racism, lying, theft, self-harming, physical, verbal and online harassment. Any

kind of anti-social behaviour can result in a denial of privileges, early curfews and in most cases guardians will be contacted for support. Repeated anti-social behaviour can result in

expulsion from the programme without refund. ISSOS will not tolerate bullying of any kind. Students enrolled in the ISSOS programme should treat their fellow students as they

would like to be treated and show respect to those around them. Any incidents of bullying will be taken seriously and the action taken by ISSOS will be recorded and parents will be

notified, this includes but is not limited to online bullying, including disrespectful comments or actions online that disrespect, embarrass or negatively impact a fellow

student, staff member, ISSOS associate or ISSOS, ISSOS reserves the right to remove a student from the programme who has been found guilty of bullying and the student will not be invited back to future ISSOS summer programmes.




Students are expected to dress in accordance with the academic nature of their environment and in a manner appropriate for academic and social functions.




Students are given plenty of free time to explore the campus and the town. There will be geographical area limits set out at the start of the programme and students are expected

to keep within those boundaries.


Travel, Strangers & Transport


Students may not drive a car while on the programme, nor ride in a motor vehicle or public transport, without the authority or supervision of ISSOS staff. By agreeing to these terms

and conditions you give permission for the student to take part in any scheduled summer school trip and that they can travel in transport organised by the summer school. Students

agree not to go off with a stranger or member of the public at any time during the programme. Students are not allowed to rent or use a bicycle unless organised by ISSOS

and accompanied by a member of ISSOS staff.


Permission to leave the programme


Students may leave the programme if granted permission by their guardian in order to visit a family friend or relative who is an adult over 25 years old. Permission must be received in

writing at least 24 hours before the trip and must specify the name, address and contact number of the friend or relative. Travel must not conflict with academic classes or any other required activities.


Dangerous items


It is forbidden for students to possess or purchase any item/weapon that is deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. These include knives, fireworks or any other flammable

items such as candles.




Students of ISSOS may not, for health and safety reasons, obtain a tattoo or piercing while on the programme.


Personal Belongings


All personal belongings and valuables are the responsibility of the individual and we ask all students to lock their bedroom doors when they leave their room. ISSOS will not replace

any items stolen, damaged or lost during the programme.


Loss of Keys


If a student loses their room key or entry card there will be a charge of £140 to replace the key or £50 to replace the card. All keys used in University property are special security keys

and will take time to replace. All students are asked to hand in their key at the end of the programme, any student who has lost their key will be asked to pay before they leave or

can opt to have an invoice sent to their parents.


WIFI Access


Students will have access to the university wifi and agree to be bound by the code of practice covering the use of email and internet as laid out by ISSOS.


Access to Rooms


If we have reason to believe that a student is in breach of the rules and regulations, ISSOS reserves the right to enter the student's room and search their belongings. Any search will be done by two members of staff and will be documented.




Students of ISSOS are required to provide an accurate medical history prior to the programme commencing. When necessary, professional medical consultation/treatment

will be arranged by ISSOS. All medical expenses are the responsibility of the student being treated and their guardian. It is understood that all medical expenses incurred by the

student and paid by ISSOS shall be reimbursed promptly by the guardian or student. This includes medication, hospital or doctors visits and transportation to/from medical facilities.

All medication brought to the programme must be declared and handed to the student's counselor for safe keeping. No student will be allowed to keep medication in their room

except in special circumstances. Students must detail the exact intake of medication accurately to ISSOS before arrival at the summer school.




By agreeing to the terms and conditions it is understood that the student may participate in all summer school classes, activities and excursions. Parents/guardians and students

agree that photographs, quotations and recorded media taken during ISSOS can be used for publicity, PR, social media, publications or promotion.

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