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Health And Safety Policy


BAC accredits a number of summer programmes and short courses that must reach a certain level in order to be awarded accreditation status.


Safety begins with our staff. All of our staff are 21 years and over, our counselors are undergraduates at university and our teaching staff are all graduates who are professionals within their field. 

All staff must pass a criminal background check prior to employment and all references are checked before a position is offered. Each member of staff is interviewed and selected based on experience, maturity and ability.

All staff complete three days of staff training prior to the summer school beginning. Training includes but is not limited to: ISSOS Values, policies and procedures, safeguarding of staff and students, how to deal with young people, emergency protocol and ISSOS students. Our staff to student ratio is 1:5.


All students are checked in three times a day. The first check in is at 7.45am before breakfast where students hand in their keys and counselors will check them off. The next check-in is at 7.15pm before the evening programme, students are checked in and they then prepare for the evening’s activity. Students are checked in by their counselor for the final time each day at 10.30pm before lights out at 11pm.


Students are told when and where check-ins are and are expected to turn up on time, if they are late counselors will speak to them. If this happens regularly the Head Counselor may be brought in or, in extreme cases, study hall given.


First aid should be administered in the programme office or at the place of the incident by a qualified first aider. In the case of a more serious injury or illness, an appointment will be booked with a doctor. Incident reports will be filled in for all incidents and if a student visits the hospital this report will be marked as important so that Head Office are aware and can communicate with parents.


All students fill in a medical form stating any medication they will be taking during the summer school. This form states the type of medication, reason for taking it and dosage.

All students hand in their medication to their counselor on the first night. Counselors will then keep all student medication in their own room for safekeeping and allow students to take the medication as instructed.

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