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Disability Policy


Support for students with disabilities and learning difficulties happens in a variety of ways. These are described below.


Our Admissions Policy is that all students will be judged primarily on appropriate age, nationality, class selections and any information provided regarding any kind of disability, mental or physical, which may affect their stay at ISSOS. 

We want all students to be treated equally and be able to take part in all aspects of the program. Any final offers of admission will be made after discussions with applicants about measures necessary to offset any disadvantage arising from a disability.

If after discussing a student's disability, it is deemed that ISSOS is not a suitable program for them, an offer of admission will not be granted and advice on alternative programs elsewhere will be given.


We are limited as to the facilities we can offer based on what residence The University of St Andrews, Cambridge University or Yale University can offer for the summer months.

Wheelchair access at all Universities is limited in these buildings and we would have to look seriously at how this may affect the student. The facilities are a mixture of historic and modern therefore the access externally and internally would not be suitable for wheelchair users. 

We can however provide for most requirements including specific diets, telephone and computer access, and specialised teachers. Wherever feasible, adaptations have been made to suit specific needs.


Student Support Services provide a comprehensive range of support for all students at the university and we at ISSOS have worked hard to build a good working relationship with Student Support and our staff have access to their expertise where necessary.

Some of the services provided will be of particular benefit to students with disabilities, ongoing medical conditions, mental health difficulties or learning difficulties. Due to duty of care, most contact with student support has to be done through summer school staff, not directly by a student.


The Staff and the Programme Director have the primary role of providing support, information and advice to students on any problem which directly, or indirectly, affects their stay at the summer school.

Arrangements for any personal helpers, readers, scribes or note-takers for students who require them can be arranged through the Programme Director.

ISSOS will do all we can to accommodate students with a disability, however we do ask parents for as much information regarding the student’s disability so that we can do all we can to help.

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