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Complaints Procedure


If a student complains about a member of staff or any aspect of ISSOS they will be asked to fill in an incident report and this will be signed off by the Programme Director. All complaints will be taken seriously and investigated fully by the summer school.

All suggestions and complaints made by students or parents will be logged on the administration system and discussed in detail at the Director's meeting at the end of the summer school. These suggestions/complaints will be taken into consideration and may be implemented for the following summer.

If a complaint is filed during the summer school by a parent or student concerning teaching, accommodation, staff, programming or any other relevant issue it will be dealt with there and then and any suggestion or improvement put into action. This will also be logged with an incident report and noted on the administration log.


All students are furnished with the summer school rules and regulations on arrival and will be asked to sign a form agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations during their time with us.

If a student breaks the rules or in any way jeopardises the smooth running of the summer school or the safety of a student or staff member the student will be spoken to by our head councillors in the first instance and an incident report filled out. If the behaviour continues or another incident occurs they will be spoken to by the Programme Director, an incident report filled out and their parents contacted.

Their parents will be made aware that if another incident occurs they will be dismissed from the programme and sent home immediately. If the Programme Director decides to send a student home, the Programme Director will contact the student’s parents and inform them that they must arrange transportation to have the student return home immediately. The student will be supervised and kept under ISSOS’ supervision until transportation is arranged and they will then be accompanied to the airport, train station or car.

If the student comes from a country that required a visa for entry into the UK the Home Office will be called and a letter sent to inform them of the student’s return.

Please note all cases will be treated on an individual basis and some incidents where Head Counselors are required to talk with students may not be considered an initial warning that leads to the Programme Director having to speak with the students.


ISSOS International is accredited by the BAC. If you feel that we have not satisfactorily resolved your complaint you can follow their complaints procedure as detailed here:

First, you need to show that you have tried to resolve your complaint through ISSOS’s own complaints procedure so that we can respond to and/or address your concerns. You must also show that you have read ISSOS’s Terms and Conditions in relation to your complaint and that you have made a satisfactory effort to try and resolve your complaint with ISSOS directly.

The BAC can only pursue a complaint if you provide them with written and signed authorisation to do so. Formal letters of complaint should be posted to BAC’s London office. BAC will only consider complaints that are directly relevant to the standards for accreditation (see the Accreditation Handbook for details).

Before submitting your complaint to BAC, please ensure that you include the following:

  • A full description of all circumstances leading to the complaint being made.
  • A signed statement to say that you authorise BAC to contact ISSOS on your behalf.
  • All documents relating to the complaint being made, including, but not limited to:
  • Enrolment letters
  • Any receipts for payments made to the institution
  • Any visa letters sent and received (if relevant to the complaint)
  • Any correspondence between you and the institution which relates to this complaint (this should include documentary evidence that the provider’s own complaints procedure has been used and exhausted)
  • The provider’s terms and conditions and/or refund policy, if you have access to this
  • Any other relevant documentary evidence

N.B. Please ensure that you retain copies of all submitted documents as it will not be possible for BAC to return them.

Please note that BAC will be unable to take action on any complaints without first receiving the above.  Also, please see the Accreditation Handbook for a number of additional circumstances under which BAC will not involve itself in a complaint.

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