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Will someone meet me at the airport?

Yes, should you be arriving within the designated times, then a member of the teaching staff will be meeting you at the airport. They will be dressed in their ISSOS uniform and will be expecting your arrival. 

Will I be sharing a room?

It is likely that you will be sharing a room with someone the same age as you; however, there are some single rooms.  If you are sharing, you will be with someone of a different nationality and you will not be sharing with someone you knew before arriving at ISSOS.

Who will be in my group?

Upon arriving at ISSOS you will be shown to your room, underneath your name will be the name of your group.  This group is something that you will be a part of for your three weeks at ISSOS.  There will be anywhere between 7-15 people in your group, of the same gender, and they will all be living in the same area of halls.  You will also have one counselor per group; they are your go-to person. Your group will be full of individuals of various nationalities and ethnicities.

Is ISSOS fun?

Yes, and it is not just us who say this, our students constantly give us amazing feedback that ISSOS is the best summer program they have ever been on because it’s fun and they have made friends from all over the world. 

Do I need to speak English all the time? 

The language of ISSOS is English, as such, anytime you are interacting with people, staff or students, you should be speaking English.  Students are coming from all over the world, speaking several different languages, and English is the common link.  The best way to improve your English is to be constantly using it and it is also the best way to be inclusive to all the other students. 

What if I don’t like my classes/electives?

If you do not like your classes, let your counselor know and they will pass the message along to the head counselors. They cannot guarantee that you will be able to change classes but, they can see what changes can be made. 

Will I get free time?

Though the ISSOS schedule is very busy and there are always lots of things going on, you will get free time. Evenings around dinner time, after evening programs and dotted throughout the day are ample opportunities for you to chill out, grab a coffee, nap, or hang out with friends.