Student experience

ISSOS is a summer school unlike any other, we guarantee you will have a summer you will never forget and make friends that will last a lifetime.

Student Experience

We understand this is your summer holiday and we have designed our summer school with that in mind.

For three weeks, you will have an action packed adventure, meet friends from all over the world, learn from some of the best academic and elective teachers around and get to know a new town which will soon feel like a second home.


Settling in

The first week at ISSOS focuses more on introductions and you start your classes, electives and clan events.  In the second week, you’ll be settled and excited for all that’s to come.  You’ll have enjoyed Wednesday excursions, Saturday trips, and the Sunday morning lie-in.  By the third week, you’ll know ISSOS like the back of your hand and you’ll be preparing for final exhibitions, whether that be in photography, film, art, or theatre. Or you’ll be competing in tennis or golf tournaments.  A day of highland games and a final night dance will set the tone for the ending, and you’ll be sad to leave all of the new friends you made, but excited to share your experience.

ISSOS is different from any other summer school for a number of reasons:

  • We welcome students from over 80 nationalities
  • We have 40% returning students (they must enjoy it)
  • We listen to our students to make sure we give them what they want
  • We have Clans (this will be explained later)
  • Our staff love working at ISSOS and they have a lot of fun while doing so
  • We believe our students are the future and we will do all we can to help you create the best future you can.

We wanted to give you information about the structure of ISSOS and what will happen during your 3 weeks with us. 





You can see what other students thought of their ISSOS experience

The ISSOS Student Experience You can see what other students thought of their ISSOS experience