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Please note all information provided is confidential and will only be shared with those who need to know within ISSOS. We do however need to know EVERYTHING that may affect students during their time with us.

All information given is to assist us in making sure your son/daughter has the best possible experience.

Will you follow any religious festivals or practices?


Will the student be bringing/taking any medication during the summer school? *


Please detail ALL prescription/non-prescription medication the student will bring.

All prescription medications must be brought in original packaging and labelling marked with the student’s name and prescription.

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Doctor Information

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Illness and Allergies

Please tick those illnesses or conditions the student has had:
Please advise us of any allergies:
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Academic Program

Please note that these questions aim to give us an indication of the student's academic experience, ability and goals.


English Language Program

Youth Leadership

Pre IB

What are your specific skills you would like to improve:
Have you taken part in the IB Middle Years Program?

Please note that you are of course welcome to bring as many of your school materials as you wish, though you should note that you will be working in a University level library containing a huge volume of academic resources.

Extended Essay

What are your specific skills you would like to improve:

Creative Writing

What forms of writing are you interested in?

Business and Entrepreneurship

Skills you would like to improve:


Have you taken part in Public Speaking, Debating etc before?

Study Skills

Areas you would like to work on?


What skills are you interested in improving/learning?
What topics are you interested in?



Please note that all clubs are provided. However, if you prefer to play with your own clubs feel free to bring them.


Please note we recommend students bring your own racket. However, we do have limited rackets available for those who do not have one.


What theatre skills are you most interested in improving?


Please note that if you have any films that you have previously made or scripts that you have written we would love for you to bring these along.



Note: Smart phones are not acceptable; students must have a digital camera ideally with a manual focus option.

Describe your motivation for taking part in this course:

Outdoor Leadership

What skills are you looking to work on/achieve?



To be filled out by all students.

Are they a confident swimmer? *
Which activities would you be interested in? (Please note that this is just to give us an idea of student interests)

Students get the opportunity to go on several day trips during their time here. Please indicate which trips you are most interested in going on by ranking them in order of preference. "1st" means the trip you most want to go on.

Trip preferences
Glamis Castle
Water Sports
Scottish Deer Center
Ely Cathedral
Imperial War Museum
Scone Palace
Birds of Prey Sanctuary
Yale University Tour
Peabody Museum of Natural History
Connecticut Science Centre
Saturday New York Trip preferences
Natural History Museum
St Patricks Cathedral
Museum of Modern Art
Times Square
Are there any reasons why the student cannot or may choose not to partake in any of our sporting or evening activities? *
Does your student play a musical instrument? *

We would encourage students who play musical instruments to bring them if they are easy to travel with and they are interested in being involved in a summer school band or for the talents show etc

Please let us know what you wish to gain from this summer experience and any additional requirements/requests or suggestions you would like to make. We offer a very flexible program and would welcome any comments or requests regarding evening programs/trips etc (we cannot guarantee these will be granted but we will do our best to include as much as we can).

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