The following timetable shows a typical week at ISSOS. Wednesdays (half-day) and Saturdays are reserved for cultural activities and Sundays are free time, to explore Yale and close by attractions. Although Sundays are free time we also organise interesting workshops for students to participate in. Every evening there is an organised activity in which all students are asked to take part.



Summer school timetable

We take the safety and happiness of our students very seriously at ISSOS and our team of dedicated counselors plan evening activities, sporting events and take care of our students at all times. There is ALWAYS someone on hand to help students find their way to class, log on to the computer, phone home or simply to have a chat. Counselors are on duty throughout the day and live within University accommodation, making them available to the students 24/7. In addition, two members of head staff are on duty every evening.

Academics Electives Activities  day trips




All students will stay on campus and will be fully supervised by our team of counsellors. To ensure students have a truly international experience and mix with as many students as possible we operate a successful rooming policy.

Our Rooming Policy


Our high quality academic summer school programs are designed to cater specifically for the needs of international students. Classes meet daily for three hours and, unlike other summer schools, we offer limited places in order to guarantee that all our students will benefit from small class sizes and individual.


Each student combines his or her academic summer school program option with one of our unique, in-depth elective summer school courses, which are timetabled four afternoons per week. These fun-filled and action-packed courses enable students to discover and participate in exciting subjects while gaining new skills and…