ISSOS, Cambridge

Full day Saturday trips to exciting cities and half day Wednesday trips to places of cultural interest.

Saturday Trips

Students who attend ISSOS, Cambridge will have the opportunity to explore England, getting to know the history and rich culture of Cambridge and the surrounding cities and towns. On Saturdays students will go on full day trips to specifically selected towns nearby; Windsor and Oxford.


The Royal Borough of Windsor is home to the famous Windsor Castle  - the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world and the Queen's favourite weekend home. Students will go on a tour of the castle and experience the changing of the guards, everyone will then have time to shop in this historic and vibrant town before returning to Cambridge.


Oxford is a stunning city, dominated by one of the oldest universities in the world; Oxford. Students will enjoy a walking tour that will introduce them to this historical city and they find a number of locations used for the Harry Potter films along the way. All students will then have time to shop in this fantastic city that has lovely cafes to enjoy and street artists to entertain.

Wednesday Trips

On Wednesdays students are in academic classes until 12 noon and then go on a half day trip. There are four Wednesday trips for students to choose from. Students will be able to go on two of the four trips over the three weeks and they can choose from the following:

Ely Cathedral and Town 

This is one of England's most beautiful and largest Cathedrals, famous for its' Octagon Tower and home to the only national museum dedicated to stained glass.  Students can also visit the home of Oliver Cromwell who was one of the UK's most famous military political leaders and dictators.  Within Ely, ISSOS students have the opportunity to visit many galleries and shops where gifts and souvenirs can be purchased. 

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

The Imperial War Museum in Duxford is Europe’s premier aviation museum.  This former Battle of Britain Fighter Station features an unrivalled display of  fighter aircrafts and vehicles from Spitfires and Flying Fortress, to Concorde.

The Raptor Center - Birds of Prey

The Raptor Center is home to a number of birds of prey.  Learn about their survival techniques during an exciting tour and enjoy a breathtaking flying display by these amazing animals. This foundation acts as a sanctuary for these animals before they are released back into the wild. 

Final Half Day Trip

In the final week all students and staff at ISSOS, Cambridge go bowling, this is a great trip that allows students and staff to hang out with no academics or electives a few days before they leave.