In addition to our exceptional academic summer school programs and exciting afternoon elective summer school courses, each of our students will also benefit from a broad ranging and all-inclusive summer school activities program. We never forget that that our students are on their summer holidays and we provide a summer adventure like no other! During their three weeks at our summer school, we immerse our students in the UK and USA's rich and unique culture and introduce them to some of its best-loved landmarks, cities and breath-taking natural wonders.

Day trips

Summer School trips are scheduled every Wednesday afternoon and Saturdays are reserved for a variety of full day trips to exciting cities and places of cultural interest. All our trips are selected with the students in mind, to make sure they get the most out of every trip.

About our day trips

Evening entertainment

ISSOS Students take part in a wide variety of fun and exciting evening activities, planned and organised every night for the entire summer school. Evening Programs are full of laughter, activity and help students explore their ISSOS location even further.

Our evening entertainment

Highland Games

The final day at ISSOS is reserved for the exclusive ISSOS Highland Games. All students will have the chance to compete in fun games, hang out with friends, laugh and soak up the sun on their final day at ISSOS.

About our highland games

Additional activities

At ISSOS we en-devour to cater to all our students needs, talents and interests. With this in mind we offer additional activities at 4 o'clock after academics and electives are finished, these range from football to photography, depending on students requests. On Sunday afternoons we run workshops for all students to take part in. These can range from; University application workshops to Sunday football or touch rugby or film workshops. Again it depends what students are interested in trying.

About our additional activities