Study Skills Summer School Program

Our study skills program is designed for students who are preparing for their final years of high school. It covers advanced level study skills that will give them the essential tools they need for success in a variety of challenging academic curriculums from the IB Diploma, to A-Levels, SATs, and for future university study. 
Benefits of Study Skills at ISSOS:
    • Prepares students for the last years of high school and future university study
    • Improves work habits and general academic skills
    • Interactive and practical program with time to implement the skills taught
    • Access to university level materials and online resources
    • Increased confidence in presenting and academic ability
    • Prepare in advance for university-level essay writing and self-study
    • Increase time management skills and understand how you learn
    • 45 hours of tuition (3 hours a day, 5 days a week)
    • Pair this class with one of our exciting elective options 
What students will learn:

Our bespoke study skills program has been developed to meet the needs of students going into their final, challenging years of high school and to equip them with vital skills they will need going on to university.  

Over the course of three weeks, students will learn a variety of tactics and skills that will help them to use their time effectively. Our teachers will cover everything from goal setting, critical thinking, and time management skills, to developing study plans, research skills, and essay structuring. They will also give students the tools they need to plan and give comprehensive presentations as well as developing confidence for public speaking.

We also work with students to manage exam and academic stress and teach them coping techniques for dealing with the increased workload that they may be facing at this stage of their high school career.

The tutorial-style classes are interactive and students will be given time to actively practise and develop all of the skills they are taught on a daily basis. 

The skills students gain from this course will not only help them prepare for their final years of high school but will be essential as they move on to university studies.