Theatre at ISSOS

The Theatre class at ISSOS is offered at all three campuses, St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale.  The class allows students to explore and extend their theatrical skills and devise a unique piece of theatre. The course has been designed specially by theatrical professionals to enthuse all students who have a keen interest in the performing arts.  Whether you are used to performing or have never ventured on to a stage before, the class is suitable for everyone, regardless of experience.  Throughout the three weeks, students can expect the following:

  • Experience the fun and excitement of the stage
  • Develop your performance skills
  • Benefit from professional guidance and instruction
  • Come together to develop and perform a unique piece of theatre
  • Discover your talents and boost your self-confidence

The theatre class at ISSOS helps students develop their theatrical talents and develop their self confidence, which will stand them in good stead on the stage and beyond.

Apply to the Theatre class at ISSOS here: Theatre at ISSOS