St Andrews Session One, 2016

Session One in St Andrews is well and truly underway. Students arrived on 3rd July and were welcomed by counselors and old friends.  

Here's an insight into Opening Day, an exciting time where students reunited with old friends and were introduced to new ones. 

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Everyone is now settling into their classes and last night, all students were called into a 'Clan'. 

One of the unique traditions at ISSOS are Clan events. All students become a member of a Scottish Clan and take part in team games and competitions throughout their stay at St Andrews, Cambridge or Yale. Our Session One students have now been assigned their Clan; Wallace, MacGregor, Stewart or MacDonald.

During the next few weeks, students will compete for the coveted ‘Clan Cup’ winning points for their Clan. The competition culminates in the ‘The Highland Games’ where students take part in ‘Welly Wanging’, ‘Tossing the Caber’, and the all school ‘Capture the Fag’ event, earning the last vital points for their Clans.

The final night at ISSOS plays host to our traditional Scottish evening.  Dinner is a little different with Haggis on the menu, and a piper to pipe in the haggis. The winner of the Clan Cup is announced at dinner, then it’s off to the final night dance where students and staff can take part in some traditional Scottish dancing and later, have fun at the disco.

We have uploaded photos of Clan Calling from St Andrews, last night. The photos can be viewed here.