Profile of an ISSOS Alumni Student

ISSOS Alumni

Alexandra Wilcock attended ISSOS Cambridge in 2013. She now studies in Scotland and says it was her ISSOS experience which gave her the inspiration and confidence to study overseas. 

Alexandra said "ISSOS is an amazing three-week journey, with a mix of studying and fun. By taking the advanced English language programme, I started to prepare for university. I gained confidence, as I was able to develop my writing and speaking skills in the morning and through the photography option in the afternoon, I was able to increase my skills in an activity I had always enjoyed.  ISSOS is not just a summer school, it is the perfect place to learn and have fun. 

After that summer, I decided I wanted to study in Scotland. ISSOS was a truly eye-opening experience. Decisions I have made regarding my education have been influenced by my ISSOS experience. The way that ISSOS changed me is hard to describe; I think it gave me the confidence to believe in my dreams and to do whatever it takes to make them come true.  I was also able to see that true friendships could be made in just three weeks.   To put it simply, ISSOS was truly the beginning of a new life and an experience I will never ever forget!"

ISSOS are proud to have such a postive influnce on the lives of so many studnets, each year.  We are currently accepting applications for our locations in St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale.  APPLY NOW FOR 2016