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Staff Profile: Chris Harper; Barrister and Debate Coach

BarristerA barrister who teaches at a summer school? Now there is something you don’t find at just any summer program - but this is ISSOS, we like to do things a little differently.

Chris Harper who has been one of the debating coaches at ISSOS for the past three years, initially in Cambridge and then last summer in St Andrews will be returning this year to St Andrews to take on, what he describes as “his favorite job ever”. Chris graduated from St Andrews University with a degree in Economics and went on to study Law in London, becoming a Barrister last summer. During his time at St Andrews, Chris took part in a number of national and international debating competitions, as well as taking part in the world debating championships. Chris went on to become a judge at debating competitions, however, after this summer he will be interacting with a slightly different kind of judge. 

Chris has managed to secure enough time off this summer to return to ISSOS to teach the next generation of ISSOS debaters. 

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ISSOS students prove that ISSOS is not just for 3 weeks but The Experience of a lifetime!

We recently asked some ex students how ISSOS had influenced them and the response was overwhelming. The number of students who wrote to us telling us of the ISSOS friends they had visited all over the world was nothing short of incredible

Two students, Jan Gerits and David von Netzer, who attended ISSOS Cambridge in 2011 and St Andrews in 2012 decided to take a road trip last summer and visit the ISSOS friends they had made over the previous two summers. 

ISSOS Road trip

Here is their journey in Jan's words:

“Last summer David and I decided to go visit our ISSOS family in Europe. We made a plan and contacted all the people we hung out with in St. Andrews and Cambridge. Some people we had not been in regular contact with in a year, but still everyone was so happy to hear from us. All those who could, offered us a bed or couch to stay on, just like your family would do.

In the end we travelled through Europe for 3 months having 14 ISSOS reunions. We didn’t stay with everyone, some people we met for a few hours, i.e we met in St. Tropez on the beach, but with others we stayed for a whole week and they showed us around their hometown. 

The trip was amazing and what David and I found most astonishing was the fact that you could meet up with a person you haven't seen for over 2 years, but it instantly feels like if you had seen each other only a week ago.

This was another "experience of a lifetime" ISSOS gave us and we hope it continues. We invited all the people we met over to our hometown and we hope to house as many of them as possible in the future. Because ISSOS reunions have just something very special about them and everyone should try to meet as many of the friends they made in those 3 weeks as possible.

We are so lucky to have been able to take part in ISSOS and we now have a family that extends all over the world. “The experience of a lifetime” is not just a tag line, it really is what ISSOS is, its not just for 3 weeks its a family, life lessons and friendships that last a lifetime”.

Prince William follows in the footsteps of ISSOS 

Prince William may be too old to attend ISSOS but he seems to follow in our footsteps. Having attended St Andrews University, where he took an undergraduate degree in Geography and of         course stayed in St Salvators Hall, now the summer home to ISSOS, St Andrews, HRH Prince William has now once again followed ISSOS to Cambridge. Last week Prince William began a ten week course in Agricultural Management at Cambridge University. 

So the question is where will Prince William take his next degree? Suppose he will wait and see where ISSOS opens next, watch this space......

The ISSOS Student Experience

Every day parents ask us “what do students think about ISSOS?”, there is a common misconception that because ISSOS is a summer school that it is not fun, that it is all about academia, but that is not the case.

At ISSOS we are very aware that this is our students summer holiday and ISSOS has spent years developing a well balanced summer program that assists students academically but also

helps them engage in fun activities and make new friends from all over the world. 

Don't take our word for it, listen to what some ISSOS students had to say about their own ISSOS experience:

ISSOS Student Experience

Click on the image to hear what students say about ISSOS.  FILM

We look forward to welcoming you to ISSOS this summer!