Journalism Class at ISSOS

Jeremy Shulkin

Jeremy Shulkin has taught Journalism for 4 years at ISSOS.  As in other years, the students in his class have written articles based on their experience at summer school and have developed their own Blog. 

Jeremy taught his class different styles of writing, from profile pieces, news pieces, ISSOS articles and audio stories and it was up to the class to find the topics, interview subjects and meet deadlines.

23 students representing nearly a dozen different countries, many for whom English was their second or third language, all wrote articles for the Blog and produced some excellent work. There are articles about local fashion, about the demanding game of capture the flag at ISSOS, the characters in the local market in Cambridge, an investigation into e-cigarettes, and of course plenty of ISSOS news.

Please take a few minutes to read through the students’ work. You’ll see why Jeremy was so proud of all that the students accomplished this summer.