ISSOS Variety Show

Good afternoon all, Quick note to let you know that we have posted some new photos on to our website for your enjoyment. They include pictures of the The ISSOS Variety Show which was held last night, along with some shots of our group of students from The International School of Beijing. The variety show is one of the highlights of the ISSOS Evening Programs. It includes a mixture of student and staff acts which are mixed, and are also eligible for gaining clan points. Last night, we saw a number of students take to the stage; Camile Yung wowed the audience with her piano performance of Southern Cathedral, while Illyasse Derrazi and Harold Johansen performed a rap which they wrote themselves. The evening came to a close with the “bizarre talent category,” with Annabe doing her impression of a Camel and Camile Yung impersonating a pokemon. Some of the boys joined in too, with Gregory licking his elbow and James Tugman touching his nose with his tongue. We also enjoyed an exciting performance from The new ISSOS house band - The Buffalos, (made up of The boys from Group Lewis) who serenaded us with Bob Marley’s "Buffalo Soldier." We hope you enjoy! ISSOS