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Values led Business

ISSOS is a values led business, a business run on a simple set of values that act as a benchmark for everything we do. There’s a lot of talk about values led businesses, and whilst it’s ok to talk about it and have a set of values, ISSOS believe it is important to live those values and exemplify them every day.

ISSOS was started with one very simple mission in mind: To create a safe place for people to learn and grow.  From there, a set of solid values were defined and implemented in to our every day operations. Our values are at the heart of everything we do; from the way we speak to people, the educational programs we design, the staff we engage with and the summer programs that we run.

We recently had our values put in to a document so we could share them with our ever growing international family of students, parents, teachers and friends. We want to share them with you here:

ISSOS Values

Our founder Jen Munro has been an advocate on values led business for many years, last year being asked to give a TED talk in the US on “Putting Heart Back On The Agenda” - a talk based on some of the values that lead to the creation of ISSOS.  Jen is passionate about bringing about change in business and education and assisting organizations to run differently by introducing values in to their business or school.

Values led Education

One of ISSOS's most important values is safety. ISSOS runs on a firm belief that unless students, teachers and everyone involved feels safe both emotionally and physically, then they cannot learn and they will not grow. As teachers and educators we have a responsibility to create an atmosphere in a classroom and a school that is safe, where everyone is welcome and we educate the whole person.

Another school dedicated to values led education is a group of schools known as “Network of Sacred Heart Schools”, a world wide network of schools that run on a sound set of values. Andrew Stewart, who has been involved with ISSOS since it began and was head counsellor in St Andrews in 2008, is a teacher at Kilgraston Primary school, part of the sacred heart schools network. Andrew who is a passionate and dedicated teacher who any child would be privileged to be taught by, has just had an article published in The Scotsman Newspaper that talks of the values of Kilgraston and the Goal Getters workshops they run to inspire their students. In fact Jen Munro was one of the speakers earlier this year and said “Kilgraston is a wonderful school where the values it is built on are evident in the atmosphere, the students and all the teachers”.

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