ISSOS Times - Experience everything ISSOS has to offer

ISSOS Times - See everything ISSOS has to offer

It is difficult to communicate in an email or on the phone just how much students get involved with at ISSOS, in order to give parents a little insight and to give students a souvenir of their summer we produce The ISSOS Times.

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The ISSOS times is a publication that details evening programs, clan events, academic and elective courses and introduces you to some of the staff in each session of ISSOS in both St Andrews and Cambridge.

Take a minute and download the ISSOS Times from St Andrews (Session one and session two) or Cambridge (Session one) and experience a little more of what ISSOS has to offer.

ISSOS Times, St Andrews Session one 2011                       

ISSOS Times, St Andrews Session Two 2011

ISSOS Times, Cambridge Session one 2011