ISSOS Times 2016

The ISSOS Times 2016

Every summer we collate articles and photos of each session to make up the ISSOS Times, a magazine depicting some of the highlights of ISSOS from each campus.

The ISSOS Times is sent to all students and parents who took part this summer, but they are availble to download below.

Get a unique glimpse of the international world of ISSOS by reading; The story of ISSOS, clan news, academic and elective reviews, cultural trips, sport at ISSOS and much, much more.


Find out who won the clan cup in the session or campus you did not attend, see what ISSOS at another location offers and hear from students about why they loved ISSOS.

This year sees the very first year of ISSOS at Yale, if you would like to read more about Yale and see how all our campuses are the same in design of programs and staff etc, download a ISSOS Times, sit back and read all about what an ISSOS summer is really like.

Download the ISSOS Times and relive your ISSOS experience.

ISSOS, St Andrews Session 1

ISSOS, St Andrews Session 2

ISSOS, Cambridge

ISSOS at Yale