ISSOS Student gains CAS hours

Every summer, students who attend ISSOS can gain CAS (Creativity Action Service) hours for the electives and activities for which they take part.

Some students are so enthused by what they have learned during their time at ISSOS that they go back to earn CAS hours during the school year.

Having taken Theatre during Session 2, 2009 Janne Sperrvik earned CAS hours after starting her own Improvisation Group at her school - Bergen Katedralskole (Norway).

Janne said "I've always had an interest in Improv, but I'd never done any myself until ISSOS, and it made me long for doing some more. When I got back, with the confidence that ISSOS had brought me, I kind of thought 'well why shouldn't I start a group and teach my friends a little about it'"?

If you would like to obtain CAS hours like Janne, please let us know, and sign up now for one of our last places.

ISSOS truly is an experience of a lifetime which will assist you with your studies after the summer is over.